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Chromaicora Adventures Boxed Set
Currently under construction... SEASONS Crystals of Silveria Remastered (Season 1) - COMING SOON!:Volume 1:E01 The Seventh Crystal, Part I E02 The Seventh Crystal, Part II E03 The Mage Academy E04 The Shrouding Storm E05 The Aquatic Horse E06 The
Nintendo Network Will Connect To EA Origin!
Registration Required! If you plan on playing online games with your Wii U we have some news to share with you. It has been announced that you will have to create an EA origins account and link it to your Nintendo Network account if you wish to pla
Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
Welcome, Chromaicora Adventures fans, to Origins of the Crystalbound, a webseries that explores the lore relating to the Silverian Crystals, the multi-piece artefact that serves as the main plot device of the first Chromaicora Adventures season, Crystals
Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
Welcome, fans and fans-to-be, to Crystals of Silveria Remastered, the official first season of the Chromaicora Adventures! Whether you're new to the tales of Zed Starmute and the Crystalbound or you've read every episode of the original to the point that
Origin Of Windows 7 Default Siamese Fighting Fish {BETTA} Wallpaper
Millions of testers will be greeted by the new default wallpapers of the Windows 7 operating system, featuring none other than the Siamese fighting fish. In fact, Windows 7 has been offering users a chance to have the creature, a member of the Betta
Pearl Harbour trilogy 1941: Red Sun Rising: Review By KingreX32
Pearl Harbor Trilogy is a Wiiware title it was developed and published by Legendo Entertainment and was released for download in July 2010. Pearl Harbor trilogy obviously is a WWII aerial combat game you play as unnamed Japanese or America pilots
New adventures in hormone therapy
As many of you know, I have been taking a combination of bio-identical progesterone (200 mg), vitamin D (5000 ug) and magnesium (400 mg) for 3 years now. It brought my migraine frequency down from 80% to 20%. I started getting chronic daily headaches at
Retro: Graphic novel version of Nintendo Power's "Super Mario Adventures" coming this fall
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 12th, actually ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the early 1990s the Nintendo Power magazine published a series of comics featuring Mario and
eshop: TicToc Games Releases Early Footage of Their Upcoming Wii U eshop Title Adventures of Pip!
Looking Good For A Pre-Alpha! TicToc Games has recently released pre-alpha footage of their potential upcoming Wii U eshop title Adventures of Pip and to be quite honest it looks amazing for a game that is still so early in its development! The
Let's talk about the greatest trilogy ever made Metroid Prime!
Who got this and if you didn't (and don't own the disc) why not? I really Truely hope this is a good sign for where the series is heading. Would love another Prime style game.
My top 10 Wii games (Part 2)
After a long wait here it is; part 2 of my list. Back in May I published a list here on Wiiwarewave called My Top 10 Wii games Part 1. After a very long wait here is the second part to that list. Please note the list is called “My top 10 Wii games”
The Adventures of Marcus and Old Marcus
TO ANYONE READING THIS; I hearby solemnly swear that someday I will make a game based off of this story. That is all. Disclaimer: this fan-fic was created by General_Banzai of the Nintendo Forums and is allowed to be reused here through his sole
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