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Nintendo Is Looking To Sign TowerFall Creator As An Official Wii U And 3DS Developer!
Nintendo Is Once Again Looking For More Indie Developers! As some of you may know TowerFall is a time-limited Ouya exclusive platform puzzler that takes cues from titles such as Yoshi's Island and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong games! Matt Thorson, the
The Nintendo Wii U Turns One Today!
A Wii Cake For U! It has been an entire year since the Wii U launched in North America and though the console's first year has been a little shaky to say the least it has seen a good deal of amazing first and third party titles this year including
Platinum Games, SEGA & Nintendo Bombarded With Hate Mail Over WiiU Exclusive Bayonetta 2
None of the publishers including SEGA, Microsoft or Sony wanted to fund or publish a sequel to critically acclaimed Bayonetta. Nintendo stepped up to fund and publish the project, and now "fans" are posting hate mail left, right and center. I guess
*Update Videos* Nintendo Direct 10/25/2012
Today wasn't a good day for Wii U, revealing that Nintendo will be selling at a loss for each system sold and also their decision of releasing 2 more Wii bundles during the holidays. Tomorrow, however, will be a great day for 3DS. Not only will multiple
WiiU Press Event: 007 Legends WiiU Confirmed
Activision has confirmed 007 Legends will be making its way to the WiiU. No release date as yet, but it is expected to release on other platforms on 16th of October.
Autodesk Gameware Licesed to Nintendo for WiiU Developers
Written By KingreX32 Looks like Nintendo has Done it again. The Big News this week is that Nintendo has closed a deal with Autodesk that will allow them to lets its licensed developers use their Autodesk Gameware Suite Technology for games on th
E3: Semi-Live Blog Our Opinions of Nintendo's Treehouse Broadcast (Day 1)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Ichigofan: It looks like Zelda U / NX is subtitled Breath of The Wild! @Ichigofan: Will be open world and will feature
[ANSWERED] UDF File System?
Hello, I created an WinReduce ISO using WinReduce 8.1 v.99.  I didn't reduce hardly anything - I just added some boot images.   However, I wanted to mount it to a USB and the built in function of WinReduce didn't seem to be working (or more
How to reformat and reinstall your Operating System
How to format your hard drive or OS partition, and re-install your Operating System This guide was originally posted on, but I have re-posted it here. Introduction Formatting and re-installing? Most likely the reasons for format and
eshop: Bombing Bastards To Launch On The Wii U eshop On July 3rd In NA!
Oh The Profanity! Sanuk Games the developer's of Spot The Differences Party! Have announced that their latest title, Bombing Bastards is going to release on the North American Wii U eshop next week on July 3rd via Twitter! The game is clearly
HP | Compaq System Recovery Hotkey & Instructions (HP PC System Recovery)
HP | Compaq System Recovery Hotkey & Instructions (HP PC System Recovery)To access the recovery partition on your HP or Compaq computer for recovery, follow the steps listed below. 1. Power on the computer 2. Press F10 repeatedly when you see the HP o
can I delete System Security from XP system
my windows XP SP2 was installed System Security when I visited a youtube site. I lost control to my computer & I can't open any program. By the way, my XP is protected by antivirus software CA. They showed a lot of things. Warning me a lot. I can not
Zelda WiiU 2014 Rumors
With the WiiU release date approaching, more and more rumors are bound to surface. According to an article on WiiU Daily the upcoming Zelda WiiU will be the biggest entry in the Zelda universe. "It’s a 4-year development cycle with a new console,
WiiU Press Event: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Confirmed For WiiU
Warren Spector has confirmed a WiiU version of Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, but did not reveal the release date. "It’s exciting to bring Nintendo fans ‘Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’ on Nintendo’s revolutionary new game
Rumormill: Nintendo Might Be Considering Acquiring ATLUS!
New Exclusives Headed To Nintendo?! ATLUS the masterminds behind series such as Shin Megami: Tensei, Persona, Shin Megami: Devil Survivor, Disgaea, and Ogre Battle just to name a few has been in serious danger of folding under as its parent company
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