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Too hot at night
Yes, I am very hot. And I wonder why, and if others have this feeling too. I am always too hot in bed at night. No matter what temperaturet is, as soon as I am under covers at night I feel so hot, that I keep fighting my bedding to get cooled down.
[ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 Customized DVD not start in EFI mode
that not is issue with mainboard. If you after of created an Windows 8.1 ISO using Winreducer not start in UEFI mode in BIOS. If using an original Windows 8.1 DVD the mainboard start installation in UEFI mode without issues. For me not is problem in
Has anyone tried staying awake all night?
Tonight, probably like last night, I finally go to bed with a much less painful head.... I think I need to become nocturnal.... When I awake tomorrow, unless some miracle happens, I shall have a level 9/10 migraine to deal with. I have no idea what
Morning headaches
I have been trying to think why so many of us suffer from moring headaches. Even when I have very low headache days, I still often get a morning headache. When I leave it alone and take nothing for it, sometimes it stops by itself and I am fine for the
My friend commit suicide last night
When it rains, it pours. I lost a dear friend to suicide last night. Found out just after my horrific injections. We have spent the afternoon in his home getting it ready for his family. His family who disowned him for being gay. It's a very sa
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (Composite) vs Super Perfect Cell
Speed is equalized. Paladin Mode is using his two strongest components.
Adidas: Night with Dwight Sweepstakes *US and District of Columbia* ends 12/24/11
Prize: $1000 cash and getting to meet Dwight Howard Restrictions: US and District of Columbia residents only, must be at least 13 How to enter: Enter your email address then fill out the form on the contest website. Contest entry link:
Causes of overnight migraine?
I have been having an awful time with those annoying migraines that creep in in the middle of the night. Then I wake up and the pain is often too far gone for my normal "first" meds to work. I have tried to think of everything that may be
E3: Tournament Mode Arrives On Super Smash Bros. For Wii U In August!
Smashing Wii U Competition! Today's Super Smash Bros. Presentation was chock full of information and reveals! Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that Tournament Mode is still in the works for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and is expected to release in August
How to be a super hero, by the Night Rider on Scribd
Same nightmare every night, for 2.5 years now
Hi all, It's been several months since I've been on here, so first of all I just want to say, Hello! I hope everyone had a good summer, and for those of you below the equator I hope it wasn't too cold. From the time my morning memory loss began I
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Scarescraper Mode)
Until I'm able to devise a more witty title for this thread, this will suffice as the spot to schedule and discuss "Scarescraper" online multiplayer matches.
Why do migraines return in the night?
I am so sick of this. All day getting to a more comfortable place and then its bed time. And back it comes..Why??? Doesnt anyone know? All these clever doctors etc. Doesnt anyone know why sleeping brings it back? Does anyone know how to break that
How to Boot Into Safe Mode
This tutorial will show you how to boot into safe mode. Restart your computer After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, keep tapping F8. Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu
speakers pop when computer is in sleep mode?
I have a HP PC 5800 with a woofer base and 2 tweeters and the sound is great, however 2 days ago when my windows 10 reloaded or updated itself. it now pops while the computer is in the sleep mode, I have turned down the microphone controls the volume
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