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City Disaster Wallpaper
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Too hot at night
Yes, I am very hot. And I wonder why, and if others have this feeling too. I am always too hot in bed at night. No matter what temperaturet is, as soon as I am under covers at night I feel so hot, that I keep fighting my bedding to get cooled down.
Report Dragon City Cheat Engine V2.12a.rar.rar
Report Dragon City Cheat Engine V2.12a.rar.rar >
Best Quality in Wallpapers? (BMP, JPG, PNG etc)
Well, I have this question... What is the best file to save an image created in photoshop for best quality possible for a desktop wallpaper? I tried .PNG, and it was the worst quality I've ever seen when I used one as a wallpaper. When I tried .JPG, it
Windows 7 Default Desktop ''Siamese Fighting Fish'' Wallpaper
Desktop/Wallpaper thread
I'm tired as fuck but can't sleep and we have never had any sort of wallpaper (at least none that I can remember) thread so why not? I didn't clean up anything. So much pone. Too much pone.
Second City T-Shirt Design Contest Prize Details We’re looking for Chicago’s hottest designers and artists to create artwork our next Second City T-Shirt to sell as merchandize. The winner of this competition will
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins (Codes)
If you know of any legitimate codes for this game, please post them here. These following codes are the only ones I could locate on the internet, and I'm not sure if they're all 100% legit yet. You can enter codes in the Mainframe, inside the Police
Has anyone tried staying awake all night?
Tonight, probably like last night, I finally go to bed with a much less painful head.... I think I need to become nocturnal.... When I awake tomorrow, unless some miracle happens, I shall have a level 9/10 migraine to deal with. I have no idea what
Battle Royale ! Super Mario Galaxy VS Super Mario Galaxy 2
DISCLAIMER: The opinion expressed in this article does not reflect the entire opinion of the website, only the writer. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are one of the most well received and greatly praised games for the Nintendo Wii, the games that pretty
Morning headaches
I have been trying to think why so many of us suffer from moring headaches. Even when I have very low headache days, I still often get a morning headache. When I leave it alone and take nothing for it, sometimes it stops by itself and I am fine for the
Review: Lego City Undercover (Wii U Retail)
I'm not going to lie, when I saw the trailer for Lego City Undercover at E3 2012, it wasn't a game I was looking forward to. I love Lego's (as in the actual blocks) but I wasn't really a fan of the Lego video games. In February while visiting my Local EB
My friend commit suicide last night
When it rains, it pours. I lost a dear friend to suicide last night. Found out just after my horrific injections. We have spent the afternoon in his home getting it ready for his family. His family who disowned him for being gay. It's a very sa
Retro City Rampage Arriving Soon On Wii
Better late than never? Retro City Rampage will finally be arriving on the WiiShop channel sometime in January 2013 according to the official RCR website. The game has already been released on PSN and Steam with Wii and Xbox dates nailed down to
Adidas: Night with Dwight Sweepstakes *US and District of Columbia* ends 12/24/11
Prize: $1000 cash and getting to meet Dwight Howard Restrictions: US and District of Columbia residents only, must be at least 13 How to enter: Enter your email address then fill out the form on the contest website. Contest entry link:
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