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Article about new state restrictions on pain meds
Here is a link to an article about states tightening access to pain meds for chronic sufferers:
pain management question- pain meds and tylenol
Hi All, I have a question and wonder if anyone else has any experience with this. Right now, Tylenol #3 (Tylenol with codeine) is one of the meds I use when the pain gets bad. I take up to four a day. Lately, I have noticed quite a lot of warnings abou
Time to take a break from the pain meds
Been a rough week..........last night went to take some pain meds before bed and I wondered how many I would have to take to stop the pain permanently...............just a fleeting thought but scared me so no pain meds for me for now. Just can't trust
Driving on pain killers
I'm in horrible pain to day with my lower back and legs. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, much of it on my feet (I usually sit at a desk). After a very restless night I did go into my water walking class. Being in the water felt good, but now it's
prescribed meds for ear infection - will I get MOH?
Hi folks~ I have chronic, almost daily migraine and mixed HAs. I am careful about not using pain meds, OTCS or rescues more than 2-3 times a week. But, now I am miserable with an ear infection and must take NSAIDS for the inflammation and tylenol
Med causes kidneys to shut down
My dhs bosses wife called him at work today saying that this gal she knows had kidney failure do to a med that she was taking for m. I guess the med caused her kidneys to shut down and now she is on dialisis. I guess that was one of the side affects from
jaw pain with migraine
Does anyone else get bad jaw pain along with migraines? If so, I'm curious to know how you and your doctor have treated the pain. Even when I get some parts of my migraine under control, the jaw pain seems to never go away. Most neurologists don't seem to
On vacation and forgot my medication...blerg...
I turned 30 yesterday and we decided to go to the beach for a much needed long weekend. This morning I go to take my Lamictal and guess what? No Lamictal! I am positive it is sitting at home on the kitchen counter. The closest pharmacies are an hour and
Jaw pain from migraine
Hi all, I'm just at the end of a monster migraine, caused by overindulging over the christmas holidays. It started on christmas day due to eating and drinking things I shouldn't (I'm very sensitive to tyramines, chocolate, alchohol ect) and by new
Has anyone seen a pain psychologist and done a chronic pain program ..via Kaiser insurance?
I've had intractable migraines for years..the other day my PCP told me about the pain psycholotist..and chronic pain program.. I have an appointment today...just can't drive and everyone one else works..grrr. Has anyone done this..has it helped you?
Benzos/anti-anxiety meds
I have been using xanax for the past few years and had great success with it. I've tried many abortives---depakote, topamax, propolonal--and none have worked. But after my father passed away - I started having major anxiety attacks and insomnia. And OTC
Pharmacy so rude.... Doctor... Sooo great!!
Walgreens staff (three separate people) were so rude to me between last evening and this afternoon. I have read on here many times about people being treated like a drug seeker, but never experienced it first hand until now. And it is awful!!!! I was
Pain Scale Can you relate?
Pain on brow bone
Excuse brevity here.. Triptan 3 hours ago still not worked. Pain is on brow bone (eyebrow), not uncommon for me but I find it so hard to deal with there. Does anyone else get it there please? Found anything to help?
Pain in the heart area
I've been getting sharp pains in the heart area lately. Like when I bend into the fridge or get up from my desk. It feel like a bubble that needs to burst or something. Real sharp and I hold my breath or take breath shallow and wait until it passes.
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