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eshop: Bombing Bastards To Launch On The Wii U eshop On July 3rd In NA!
Oh The Profanity! Sanuk Games the developer's of Spot The Differences Party! Have announced that their latest title, Bombing Bastards is going to release on the North American Wii U eshop next week on July 3rd via Twitter! The game is clearly
Nintendo Direct - North American and European News (21/06/12)
NOTE: some videos and some news might be posted later. North American News Click here if you can't see the video in here 3DS News - 3DS LL is the 3DS XL in North America - coming in Red and Blue, bundled with 4GB SD card - due out in N
Final Fantasy IV Complete for eshop
Gamespot reported that Japan will get an enhanced port of Final Fantasy IV complete on eshop in November and that a North American release is likely in early 2013 for around $30. Would you download the game at that price to be able to have the ultimate
eshop: Nintendo Holiday Blowout Sale!
Digital Discount Bonanza! Nintendo and select third party developers have decided to reduce the price of many titles on the eshop over this holiday weekend, including all THQ titles available on the Wii U eshop which we reported here! Here's the
eshop: This Week's North American eshop Update (01/08/15)
Chariot, Mega Man Network Battling sequel, Treefall's Puzzle Adventure Title, another painting app, TMNT, and Adventures of Lolo for 3DS VC, Plus Several New Discounts! Nintendo eShop on Wii U: CHARIOT: A family-friendly physics based platforme
GAME Teams-up With Nintendo For European Exclusive On eShop Download Codes!
GAME Strikes A Deal! The U.K video game retailer GAME has announced its exclusive partnership with Nintendo which will allow it to sell software in the form of eShop codes both in-store and online. The agreement will allow Wii U and 3DS owners
VVVVVV Update Is Now Available On eshop!
Gravity Has Been Restored At Last! A fix for the Flip Mode problem in VVVVVV has finally been made available by today's update! We will likely give this game a solid review score when we review this game at some point! For those of you who
illusion of gaia - super nintendo
there are so many adventure and rpg games that are both awesome and sucky. of course they always referring to legend of zelda or final fantasy but there were one game i falled in love in on super nintendo. a adventure game that was said to be a rip off to
eshop: Shovel Knight V.1.1. Update Is Headed To The Wii U And 3DS "Soon"!
Yacht Club Games Is Digging Up Another Update! Yacht Club Games has confirmed that their version 1.1 update of Shovel Knight which recently went live on the PC platform will also be going live on Nintendo's platforms very soon with a few extra fixe
*Update Videos* Nintendo Direct 10/25/2012
Today wasn't a good day for Wii U, revealing that Nintendo will be selling at a loss for each system sold and also their decision of releasing 2 more Wii bundles during the holidays. Tomorrow, however, will be a great day for 3DS. Not only will multiple
eshop: A World of Keflings Has Been Sent To Nintendo For Approval And Should Release Soon!
A World For U! NinjaBeeGames' simulation title A World of Keflings has been sent to Nintendo for approval and will likely be released sometime in the very near future according to a tweet from the developer on their Twitter account "shown above"! W
eshop: 1001 Spikes Wii U Update Set To Add Off-TV Play And More Controller Options!
1001 Cheers! Tyrone Rodriguez the founder of Nicalis which is the company that published 1001 Spikes in the western hemisphere has announced via Miiverse that he will be adding Off-TV Play and new controller options in a free update that will be
Wikipedia and eShop dropping hints on a possible Nintendo Direct in October
Are they back? If you load up your Wii U and go to the eShop the Nintendo Direct section is available to view! Also according to Wikipedia under the month of October it says "TBA" while all the months that had no directs say "No presentations" unde
Nintendo eShop version of Nano Assault coming soon
A new 3DS retail challenger, known as Nano Assault EX, will arrive on the Nintendo eShop competing against other retail rejects such as Order Up!!, Planet Crashers, and eventually Fractured Soul. What makes Nano Assault EX stand out from all the rest is
Cave Story eShop update now available
There has been report from some who purchased Cave Story, released last Thursday, receiving crashing issues during gameplay. Today, Nicalis reveals via Twitter that an Update is now available in North America. Now enjoy saving bunnies.
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