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"mps prepare to vote on syria airstrikes"

Urgently need Yemen, Libya,Syria ,Indonesia, Somalia,sierra
Dear parter,We are looking for below direct country routes for good live volumes! Albania 355 Indonesia 62 Syria 963 Libya 218 Niger 227 Yemen 967 Somalia 252 sierra leone 232 Please free connect to me ,We are very prompt in payment and best
Prepare disk partitions for Windows 8.1
Regards, Is possible with Winreducer to create disk partitions. ( I ) Default: C: Partition is 99.5% of full disk space (system files takes some 300-500 MB) ( II) I want: 300-500 MB - System partition C: exactly 30 GB of disk space (partition
Syria refugees
Syria refugees: Bishops urge David Cameron to do more Eighty-four Church of England bishops have revealed that they wrote to David Cameron last month urging him to accept at least 50,000 refugees from Syria. Can I just ask where the hell do we
eta Awards Popular Vote *South Africa only* Prize Details The photo submitted that receives the most votes will win R30 000 Contest Instructions Submit your photo to the eta Awards 2011 Popular Vote and stand a chance to win
When is is OKAY NOT to Return a Vote?
It is almost NEVER okay to not return a vote/favour with the following exceptions: #1 The user is selling/buying votes. This is NOT Permitted. Please report them IMMEDIATELY. #2 The user has voted for you a second time with another/someone else's off
Vote Exchange On
Check this article out They also have a lot of other usefull information also!
[Tutorial] IPB Vote System
Image Preview: File name: IPB Vote System Author: [tag]Daemon[/tag] Functionality All Version Details: Here we will teach them how to apply a voting system similar to the system platform IPB Administration Panel → Modules → HTML &
How did you find the vote exchange?
So I have been wondering where all the new members are comming from... So how did you find our site. Google, Facebook A friend Or somewhere else?
Should 204/Hero Man/Whoever, you all know who I'm talking about, be allowed to come back after a certain point? What did he do that was so wrong? I've been chatting with him on Facebook, he definitely doesn't seem like how he used to be. He's going by the
Remove negative vote in rep system
I found a tutorial for this before but I think I lost the link ; A; Someone's been abusing the negative vote option on my forum and I'd like to take it off so that we don't have any negative vibes and drama. I found the link again. It removed the
Suggestions for easy non cook party food please.
My daughter is having a party for her 30th this Saturday. She is having 50 people and wants to provide food. Nothing grand, mainly finger food. We didnt want to be cooking too much. Problem 1, unreliable mother and sister. Problem 2. Stove refusing
Site Rules
Welcome to Contest Galaxy. Please take a moment to read the site rules enclosed below for your convenience, This forum works very differently from FB exchanges, so please make sure you fully understand them. If you need help, please feel free to
Possible cheating?
Anyone experience this? My contest is on Offerpop on Facebook, I've been leading the way the whole time (little over a week since it started) thanks to everyone's help here (had 80 votes). The next closest person had 20! They other votes were steady comin
How to use ANT build to create HTML reports in Eclispe
How to use ANT build to create HTML reports in Eclispe
[TUTs] fb_Vote đánh giá bài viết và thông báo lên tường
fb_Vote đánh giá bài viết và thông báo lên tường fb_Vote sẽ thay đổi giao diện nút #vote mặc định thành giao diện nút like của #facebook(cũ). Chức năng Vote plus chuyển thành nút Thích, có thể gửi một lời khen lên tường người viết. (nếu họ cho
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