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Mozilla Firefox slow;not sure if its virus or not,,,help
Mozilla Firefox is loading very slow. Ran antivirus and it showed nothing. Also did object scan which showed a virus called JS Pack in the kaspersky antivirus Sandbox (safe run)---meaning, the antivirus has a safe run where I can run browsers with a green
Unable to run TestNG Testcase in Eclipse by using Mozilla Browser
Hi, I am trying to execute Selenium Test case by using Test NG Frame work in Mozilla Firefox and IE Browser. But I am getting below Pop up error: Could you pls help me out on this? Attaching the Error and also sample code below for more info An
Setting the path to firefox
Hi Guys Perhaps someone can help me here. I'm trying to run Webdriver Selenium Junit Test via Firefox but I always get an error cannot find firefox path. Since I had that with RC too and solved that one by just entering the path to the firefox exe, ho
[SOLVED] Using latest updates blocks product key
So I did a build using all of latest x64 8.1 updates, used the same old Pro VL image, and VL product key I always have... but now the key isn't recognised so my AutoUnattend no longer works. Is anyone else finding this?? I thought a possible cause migh
How to hack selenium server to working with firefox latest version.
Hi Guys, This video will help you to hack the selenium rc server to work with latest firefox browser. As some user will found difficult to start firefox with selenium RC so learn the trick and be master of the selenium. for more help go to
Firefox Updates
You may post about Firefox updates in this topic. Newest Update: 41.0.1
How to 'allow' silverlight plugin?
I get this toolbar popup appearing at the start of my tests which requires human interaction to click the 'allow' / 'remember' button (although it never remembers it when using webdriver). But, how do I avoid such a message appearing each time? I
[SOLVED] Updates downloader does not move existing updates
So the latest list downloaded KB3000850 and KB3014442, and put them into Updates_3 but I already had these in Updates. The downloader should automatically remove them from this directory. It would be nice if it could move them rather than download them
Amaral latest
For some reason known only to her crazy self, that mariac Gonc fanatic has posted a series of photos of the Great Co-Ordinator. This appears to be the most recent one: I have no idea what is wrong with him - but something very obviously is. He
Can't download windows 7 updates (VIP Member)
Dear sir,  Every time I click search on update downloader shows error (unable to connect to the server, please try again later)  Can you please help me  Regards
Test 2 browsers(either IE or firefox) concurrently
Hi, How can i open 2 browsers at the same time and test within one test script? I want to test concurrency within 2 browsers. I am able to work as using one browser as IE and other as firefox, how to open both in IE or firefox. I am trying some thing
Verifying tab switching with Selenium FF plugin
Hi All, I am new to this Selenium IDE. I have selenium ide for Firefox and trying to test the tab switching of a web app. Below is the my test requirement 1) Login to app 2) Page loads first default page (tab). Need to wait for page load. 3) Click
When I run the selenium RC script, I am getting Failed to start new browser, Firefox 3 could not be found in the path!
When I run the script, I am getting the below error... I have pasted the firefox location in to system variable path... still i am getting the below error... java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not start Selenium session: Failed to start new
[SOLVED] Unable to integrate Updates or Software
I'm having trouble to get WinReducer to work. I downloaded all the updates, x86 and x64, they are in the folders E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x86 and E:\WinReducer81\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64 folders. I created a preset file (for Windows 8.
[SOLVED] Can't connect to updates server???
How do I get updates if Server offline? Regards.
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