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"mother finds daughter who was stolen from her 18 years ago"

MOGs, What song are you using for the mother/son dance?
Trying to find the perfect song. What song have you chosen or did you use? My oldest son used Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World. I didn't really care for that so I am being more involved when asked this time. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
And the verdict on the Mother/Son Wedding dance song is....
BLUE SKIES by Ella Fitzgerald. I love it because it gives me a chance to swing dance. Hubby doesn't know how and son does. My future DIL is being kind enough to edit out some of the two minutes of scat because I'm old, fat, have a bad back, and just
Archeological finds
L’Anse aux Meadows This ancient settlement was believed to have been built by Vikings. The fact that it could support up to 160 people isn’t what makes it interesting. The fact that it was built 500 years before Columbus “discovered” North America is
Newbie seeking help for my 13y/o daughter w/ almost Dailey migraine
Hello everyone, I am writing regarding my 13y/o daughter who has become debilitated with nearly dailey migraine. She missed the last month of the school year and has not been able to participate in her social friendships due to the chronic pain. She
Me and my daughter are having a hard time..... Need advice
I need some advice as to me and my 14 and 18 year old daughters are not able to have a relationship.. I have been separated from my wife for about 2 years. Since the split I found someone that I could trust and rely on for advice and now that has turned
New Here - 9 Year Old Daughter with Migraines, Vertigo, Abdominal, Pounding Headache
Hello, my name is Sherame, pronounced like Jeremy with an S. My 9 year old daughter Lily was hospitalized in October 2011 when her red and white blood counts and platelets went dangerously low. She had severe vertigo, was extremely off balance and needed
The "Golden Years"
This is for us "older" folks on this forum (don't want to scare the young ones) but whoever came up with the phrase "golden years" for when you hit a certain age, there is absolutely nothing "golden" about it! I hate getting
[SOLVED] your Script is stolen
your Script is stolen the login multi steps your copyrights is removed i find that right here i dont know if that right or wrong i did translate your Script but i did not remove your name from it
e mail address stolen??
Hi I just recently found in my spam box on yahoo mail my email address, as if i sent myself something. does this mean theres a virus or did someone get the address and is sending spam all over the place?..
The likes of Luz are trying to divert around the truth - that Amoral appealed against his perjury conviction two years ago AND LOST. The conviction was confirmed: Court in Evora
Christmas toys for sick children stolen from St Mary's Hospital
My friends, this was taken from Sky News:
GIRL STOLEN AT BIRTH FROM FLORIDA HOSPITAL FOUND ALIVE AT 18 IN SOUTH CAROLINA Girl stolen at birth from Florida hospital found ALIVE at 18 in South Carolina A BABY stolen at birth from a
Like, what's even the point of the forums now? Everything takes place on Skype/Dropbox except for the very few people here who don't use Skype, and even when FEXNA is released I don't see that changing (unless we merge with that other site?) So what's
Need advice about my daughter on hormone issue
Zoe seems to be like me, just when you get one issue under control, a new one pops up. She loves school this year (senior) even though she is taking the hardest classes offered at a very competitive high school. Her migraines have been frequent but
Missing Madeleine McCann's mum Kate still ''paralysed" by sadness over disappearance of daughter
My friends, this was taken from The Mirror newspaper:
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