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"more hater drama as tabloids allegedly visit them"

I really want to go an visit my friend.
I have a friend who lives 250 miles north from me. She has Parkinsons with dementia. I don't know if the day will come when she doesn't remember me, and if so, when that might be. We used to visit her every year, until 2007 when my migraines worsened
Visit Prescott Photo Contest Prize Details Overnight stay for two at SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Prescott (200 E. Sheldon Street) with dinner for two ($50 gift certificate) at The Palace Saloon & Restaurant (120
Hide Current date/time & Your last visit was
Hello, I don't need them on my forum so is there any code to hide Current date/time & Your last visit was
Update after visit to Vanderbilt Neurosciences Clinic
Well, my visit went better than expected. The dr I saw was Dr. Jose Valedon and he was very knowledgeable and took three hours to explain everything to me, assuring me that some of the things that I have been experiencing (such as hypersensitivity all ove
IKAN YG GAK SUKA HIDUP DI AIR =D siapakah dia? ini dia ikan glodok/mudskipper ikan ini entah mengapa gak suka banget kalo di air dan katanya sih 90% hidupnya gak di air gan ... nah loh? ikan kok jaim bgt ama air >_
Hilarious hater ranting over McCanns' trip to Lisbon court
Following this excellent idea from V8 on Myths: An appeal to all anti's. PostPosted by Vee8 ยป Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:28 am Please, if it's not too late,
'No action' against hater trolls McCann Trolls: Police Won't Take Action Police say some of the messages sent to the family were "extremely distasteful", but none "constituted a prosecutable
Epic Thread Of Hater Lies
There has been a bumper crop regurgitated today, so, let's round 'em up in one place....Here's a few to start with... Kate McCann said in her book that a visiting beautician made Madeleine up for a photo. Total and complete LIE, Kate didn't even
Notorious hater troll banned from FB
This has appeared on some numty group or other. It concerns the revolting Thornton, the creature that has spewed out some of the most disgusting, obscene photoshopping and foul-mouthed ranting in this part of the internet. Its 'triumphs' included
Bennett is continuing to write his cyber-legal-suicide note. This hilarious offering appeared overnight. Two recent quotes on libel laws and freedom of speech Tony Bennett Today at 00:47 STATEMENT A brief update on the legal action commenced
Richard Bacon: My battle with the trolls Richard Bacon: My battle with the trolls There are growing demands for action over internet "trolling". Here BBC presenter Richard Bacon reveals what it's like to deal with a torrent of
treatment for cervicogenic headache / doctors specializing in this type of headache
Is anyone familiar with effective treatments for cervicogenic headaches (from a whiplash injury) and / or doctors specializing in this kind of headache? I have constant, severe headaches and neck pain from a car accident nine years ago. I have tried
Dr. Yang Dao Li Txiaj Ntsim Ntawm Txais Medal
Kwvtij Hmoob & Koojziagkabzaug, Kuv muab Dr. Yang Dao cov lus qhia txog nws cov txiaj ntsim uas nws qhia rau Dr. Tony Vang tias yog vim li cas nws thiaj ho tau txais daim Medal los ntawm Tsoomhwv Nplogliab rau nej khaws cia ua dabneeg tseg nawb. Kuv
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