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"missing screen rotation options in operation center"

Banner rotation
I need a code just like on the support forum where it says ''Pick your theme'' but I wanna it without those numbers 1,2,3 just to show images of my themes and links for now i want with 4 images.
AVG: The Success of Operation Rainfall.
The fight for good games was victorious? Operation Rainfall was started back on June 23rd 2011 to pressure Nintendo of America to release the three major Wii JRPG's Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower as it was quite apparent
Selenium server command options while starting server.
Usage: java -jar selenium-server.jar [-interactive] [options] -port : the port number the selenium server should use (default 4444) -timeout : an integer number of seconds before we should give up -interactive: puts you into
[CSS] Code for rotation avatar
Code for rotation avatarDescriptionThis code allows you to rotate the avatar. is the version that I have improved, the code provided on the FDF. The difference between this and the base code is that it only allows you to rotate the avatar, without
How to capturing screen shot of application under testing ?
hi, In selenium you can get the screenshot of the current web page by the following 2 commands: 1. captureEntirePageScreenshot(filename, kwargs) Arguments: * filename - the path to the file to persist the screenshot as. No filename
About OST's (On-screen Tutorials)
[h3]What are OST's[/h3] Avacweb has brought about a new concept to Forumotion tutorials called OST's. This stands for On-Screen Tutorials. OST's present a new way of following tutorials; instead of reading through a topic, you're given
Selenium as Screen scraper
Hi can i use selenium as Screen scraper tool apart from web application testing tool. regards mevaime
Review: Jefferson Headache Center (Philadelphia)
First I just want to say thank you for being so supportive. Ever since I found you guys I have mentally been able to cope with my migraines better and gain an increased understanding of the disorder. That being said, I need to complain about my 1st
[ANSWERED] Black screen after install MACTYPE
Hello !! As title of description , I try to install msdn version it do work. So,any config items I missing? OS : WINDOWS 8.1  X64 enterprise
[Javascript] Expand SCEditor (Full screen)
Tutorial: Expand SCEditor (Full screen) In this tutorial, we add a Javascript function that will make possible to expand the SCEditor (Forumotion editor) so that typing box is in full screen. --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Expand
[SOLVED] ISO is not created. Windows setup folder is corrupted with 99% files missing!!
Hey Guys! This is WEIRD! I did all the things i wanted to do on WinReducer8.1, applied, and then ISO windows came asking to create iso or wim file, i selected iso & saved the iso in (MyPath)\WinReducer81\WORK\ISO. then a dialog came showing that
Searching for the missing in ireland
Hey guys can you share My sisters has sent me this. Paul's mum is a very good friend of my sisters boyfriends family he has been missing since
[SOLVED] snipping tool & sticky notes shortcut missing
hey winter, i realized that after using winreducer (i dont exactly know what component is causing it), the shortcuts at Start are missing. The *.exe files are still all present at system32, and when i start them everything works. EDIT: both
'You are Vexatious'
He's posted one of the Met's replies about some tedious bit of sticky-beaking in RED. The gist of that suggestion he takes the sex'n'travel option is that actually, it's none of his business. This is the reply to his other incessant demands for
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