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Jaw pain from migraine
Hi all, I'm just at the end of a monster migraine, caused by overindulging over the christmas holidays. It started on christmas day due to eating and drinking things I shouldn't (I'm very sensitive to tyramines, chocolate, alchohol ect) and by new
Facial Numbness
Hi my name is Bonnie-Jean. I have suffered with migraines on a daily basis for about 15 years. My sister, Amanda, also suffers with an occasional migraine (maybe every 6 months). Recently she has begun experiencing Facial Numbness. It started
Link between migraines and pelvic pain in women.
In our national paper today.
jaw pain with migraine
Does anyone else get bad jaw pain along with migraines? If so, I'm curious to know how you and your doctor have treated the pain. Even when I get some parts of my migraine under control, the jaw pain seems to never go away. Most neurologists don't seem to
Chronic head pain with fatigue? Get tested for Babesia, not just Lyme!
Hi all, A few of you oldie but goodies may remember me, I don't come 'round here often any more. For background on my migraine history, my last post, search the post "OMG...a cure...a partial cure" from Jan 2010, and you can also see my blog
Distraction from pain
I was reading an article about The Secret World of Pain: and I wonder, if such distraction could really help with reducing serious levels of pain. Apparently patients being absorbed in a virtual game,
does valium help anyone?
SSince its been a year of constant pain I am considering taking valium as an occasional relief for the less severe pain. If I want to maybe start going out for the day with a friend or something since I can't take the edge off with steam pans if I'm out
Neurostimulator for migraines, Anyone?
I have been wanting to talk to anyone that has had this done or is in the process of getting it done. Or have you thought about it? How safe is it? How do I find someone in my area that does it? Anyone, anything, please.
New here-3 year old with migraines
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed with migraines for a few months now. She is currently taking a Rx antihistamine (sp) for prevention. Tomorrow is her 3 month check up with her pediatric neurologist. The meds helped for a few week and then she was
Facial numbness
Hi, Wondering if anyone else gets facial numbness along with migraine? My cheeks (bilaterally) become numb with many of my migraines, though it wears off before the migraine itself does (and the migraine pain is unilateral, though sometimes it moves
Dealing with migraines is not only about the pain
Dealing with migraines is not only about the pain but it is also psychological. Having them chronically, I have to trick my brain(so to speak) into thinking that it is not that bad and that I can make it through the today. I guess it is mind over matter.
Has anyone seen a pain psychologist and done a chronic pain program ..via Kaiser insurance?
I've had intractable migraines for years..the other day my PCP told me about the pain psycholotist..and chronic pain program.. I have an appointment today...just can't drive and everyone one else works..grrr. Has anyone done this..has it helped you?
Heat induced migraines - sports query
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums. My name is Evan, and basically i'd like to hear peoples opinions / ideas. I've had migraines basically as long as i can remember (short but severe, the kind that turns you into a vomiting, foetal position mess )
20 years of migraines and chronic pain- another food intolerance story
There are some posts about success with the elimination diet – I would like to share my story in hopes that it may help just one person find relief…. -Christina I have been getting serious migraines for 20 years. I'm almost 32 (female). I get migraines
Cranberry Juice??
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else notices severe migraines after drinking cranberry juice.  I have not had cranberry juice in a long time, probably years, and just bought a big bottle this week.  I mixed it with gingerale (delicious) and have been
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