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"microsoft delivers first update for mac office 2008"

[ANSWERED] Microsoft Office 2007 Excell Save As PDF is not working
Microsoft Office 2007 Excell Save As PDF is not working, but for MS word or powerpoint, it is working, I use portable version of MS Office 2007 Could you help please? Code:
Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4730.1007 Leaks in the Wild
A new Build 14.0.4730.1007 of Office 2010 has been leaked by WZOR, a site infamously known for many leaked builds of Windows 7 during its testing stages. While the stuff which is new to this build is not known yet, but a new EULAID:O14_RTM_VL.1_RTM_EN,
Fragrance at the Doctor's Office
Does anyone else have a migraine doctor that wears fragrance? Is there such a thing as a fragrance free medical office - where both staff and patients are asked not to wear perfume, cologne, aftershave or other artificial fragrance?
not running selenium in windows 2008 R2 Enterprise
Hi, I installed all selenium stuff in windows 2008 R2 Enterprise & setup my phython environment variables. however its giving below error while i am running the script. Error in file
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64 to windows 8.1 x64
Integrate office 2013 proplus x64   to windows 8.1 x64 make a folder office/64 ( 32 ) .. extract the iso office in office/64 .. office \ 64 \ proplus.ww .. edit config.xml replace with : Code:<Configuration
Microsoft experimenting with tablet controller for next Xbox - Report
Written by: Eddie Makuch Company reportedly tinkering with Wii U-like touch-screen controller with HD screen and "traditional" Xbox 360 buttons and control sticks for next console; price tag could be over $500. The next Xbox might follow
Selenium RC with Google Chrome on Windows server 2008
Hi Friends, Greetings to all... I want to run selenium scripts on Google chrome browser parallely with other browsers like IE. I could do it successfully with IE and Firefox. However, when selenium launches Google chrome, and opens the Window/URL
Fix: Windows 10 TP 10041
Store Beta app does not work in Windows 10 befor Open an elevated command prompt. In the elevated command prompt you opened, type the following: PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command "& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage
[ANSWERED] Slipstream office 2013 in win 8.1 ?
How slipstream office 2013 in win 8.1 with update ? Please tutorial...... thanks
Setup crashes when trying to install office
Hi, I have a fresh install of windows 7, 32 bit on a vmware virtual machine. I have installed office 2007 on similar machines in the past without any problems. Using the same software, I am now unable to install office and receive the following error
[SOLVED] Office 2013 integration with winreducer....not working
I built into Windows, but does not install office ... In windows I have the folder "winreducerpi 'in which the office .. I have three files-created .... besides office files .. 1.Autorun.dll ([autorun] OPEN = SETUP.EXE ICON = SETUP.EXE, 0
EX-100 Fix - Telemetry Ressources
Hello guys, This is the 1st time I'm doing a request for my software ... So, this for a good cause, because I would like to create a WinReducer Component to fix the Windows 10 Telemetry functionalities ... So, could you please use this thread t
Paramaterization in Selenium using open office
Hi!! I am using Selenium web driver (java). Now i am trying to parameterize in selenium using open office. Does anyone know how to do ??? I Know how to do parameterization using Msoffice Excel. I ve searched lot about this,not yet get any
Nintendo Delivers Full-Scale Drivable Mario Kart to US Prize Winner!
Written by: Jay Nintendo and Super Mario Kart fans may recall our coverage back in November of a event which took place at the LA Auto Show where Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aimes unveiled a pair of real-life drivable Mario Karts to celebrate the
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