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Windows 10 15063.0.170317-1834.rs2_release and KB4016251/KB4016252
15063.0.amdxxfre.rs2_release.170317-1834 [size=13] [/size] 6. Update: 05.04. 17:50  The official (final) ISO downloads are now there. Full ESD english: ESD Home, Pro, Edu, Ent, in 32 und 64 Bit: CloudMail Core x64 SenditCloud Core
[ANSWERED] Install Windows Language Pack after created reduced ISO
I use WinReducer to remove languages, keyboard and some (or all) Modern UI application. After I remove that I want to install MyLanguage Language Pack. I want to use Windows 8.1 as it has been used on workstation like WindowsXP - without ModernUI apps wit
Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2 10.0.15019 · VERSION 1703
This build was announced for desktop on 25 January 2017 by Major Nelson but not released as of yet. 15019.1000 LEAK Gaming Gaming has been added as a new category in the Settings app "Game bar" has been added and allows you to manage the Game bar and
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Won't Install
Have a 64 Bit Windows 7 and the Service Pack 1 won't install. I hear there are some problem with updating from a 64 bit computer.
Windows 10 Insiders Builds [RedStone 2] - 15063
Windows 10 Insiders Builds  [RedStone 2] - 14901 Source: Deskmodder - Thank You ISO [size=14]14901 X64 PRO ENGLISH [/size]Mega (3,94 GB) [size=14]14901 X32 PRO ENGLISH [/size]Mega (3,02 GB) ESD CloudMail (2,77 GB) decrypt:wimlib-24.7z (1,9
Windows 10 TP Build 10056 Leak
Windows 10 Technical Preview Download: Windows 10 Pro 64-BIT TP Build 10056 (3.5 GB) / Mirror / Torrent Windows 10 TP Build 10056 Language Pack (707 MB) / Mirror / Torrent with torrent very fast whats new: ...
Ice pack or heat pack??
I've used both. Is one better or worse for use with migraine?
[ANSWERED] Integrate Language Pack
Does Winreducer support the integration of a language pack ? I have them in the form of files like /fr-fr/ /de-de/
About the HomeGroup Feature in Windows 7
HomeGroup is a new feature introduced by Windows 7 which aims to simplify the process of sharing content and devices on your home network. In older versions of Windows, sharing content was a tedious and sometimes painful process, especially for home users
Windows 10 TP Build 9901
  currently I have only integrated framework
Starpulse: New Year's Eve Prize Pack *US only* ends 12/14/11
Contest start date: N/A Prize: Runner's up- New Year's Eve prize pack consisting of: -1GB Cork USB -Plastic 2012 Glasses -Reversible Beanie with Patch -Next Level Unisex Black T-shirt -Bella Ladies’ Cotton/Spandex ½ Zip Hooded Pullover -52 Ne
.net 3.5 & WMC installed offline mode
1) The ability to have 3.5/3.0/2.0 installed 2) The ability to integrate WMC as well,  based off the 2nd part of this 1st
[ANSWERED] Feature edit method?
Is the overall method that WinReducer uses for the changes (Specifically DisableEncryptedDiskProvisioning & TCGSecurityActivationDisabled option) autounattended.xml method or is it more of a reg edit @ a time of ISO creation ? or    WinReducer
Video discoloration and full screen problem in Windows Media
I'm not too sure why I'm getting this, I never recalled getting this before. I just reinstalled windows and got my device drivers up to date and updated windows XP SP3 with everything up to date. I installed klite codec pack. I just downloaded
WinReducer 8.1 - v2.x.x.x
Hi, I'm really proud to announce that the new WinReducer 8.1 has been released and you could find it by following the link below : ==> WINREDUCER WEBSITE DOWNLOAD PAGE ! Please to report what you think about this build in this thread : thank
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