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Migraines w/daily hot flash in men.
Hi, It's my first post to this forum. But I've been reading and encouraged by what many of of have said. The support seems genuine. I had my first migraine 1 year ago at 53 (male athlete.) Now they come daily with a shocking twist. A hot flash on my face
Is there anybody out there who suddenly got better?
I am just wondering if somebody spontaneously got better without any medical intervention. At what stage in your life has it happened? Will it get better after the menopause? Will it get better with old age? How bad can it get if things don't improve? Do
Menstrual / Hormonal Migraines and Menopause
Hello all, I just found this forum and was searching for information with respect to menstrual / hormonal migraines. My wife is 49 and will be 50 this August and is periomenopausal. We do not have children. She has suffered from migraines since sh
Migraines, ctscan white spot in brain cortex, auras and bipolar 1+hypothyroidsim
Ok, these are my things I have. I have taken lithium carb. 300 2xday for 30 years, I just recently had a bipolar migraine attack precedded by a rictor scale panic attack of about 100 on a scale of 1 to 100...I am afraid to sunbathe now, I am now taking
Abortants for Silent Migraine/Chronic Daily Headache?
I'm 25 years old and trying to do my PhD in chemistry. I've had headaches and other migraine symptoms pretty much constantly for the past 18 months. It started out as dizziness, then became headaches and generally feeling crap. I was initially diagnose
Triptans for daily silent migraine
Has anyone had success with triptans for these headaches? I get chronic daily migraine with tons of aura but very mild to moderate headaches. I am now off my Cymbalta as it wasnt doing me any good and I didnt like the side effects. I am still taking 20
Dietary Triggers and Daily Migraines
Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions re: how to go about discovering dietary triggers given that I have almost daily migraines. I tried an elimination diet before and was able to stick to it exactly (I'm a perfectionist so I
Scared Daily Migraines
I'm scared right now, because I've been having daily migraines and it seemed to have started after I've had some GI issues. This past Tuesday I went to the ER because I was having pain my chest and abdominal area. It turned out I had a lot of
Persistent Visual auras with headache very frequent, very scared.
Hello, my name is Emily. I am a 30 year old single woman and I believe, rather I know I am suffering from this persistent migraine aura problem. I just came across this web site last night after a long day and evening of having the visual
It's my late brother's birthday today
It's my baby brothers' birthday today. He died in 2003 from a combination of too many medications. I celebrated by bringing in a cake for everyone to eat at work. I do it every year. I miss him.
nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache
Has anyone had experience with nerve decompression surgery for chronic daily headache? I've been learning about it online. As far as I can find it is available in only a limited number of places. Here are links describing
Sunflower seeds for migraine?
[b]Not sure if this will help anyone, but my husband saw something on t.v. recently. They were talking about migraines and saying that taking 4 oz. of sunflower seeds quite often can help prevent them. Some nutrient in the body is lacking and these seed
Sopranos star Gandolfini dies suddenly James Gandolfini, Sopranos star, dies in Italy aged 51 James Gandolfini, the US actor best known for his role as a therapy-seeking mob boss in The Sopranos, has died at the age of
My migraine history and a question for those who suffer seasonally
Hi I'm new here and hoping that I can find some support and maybe even some answers. I'm a 50 year old woman and have had migraines more-or-less my whole life, starting at puberty and gradually worsening over the years until now I have migraine pain much
Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?
Just to paraphrase my first post on 2/10- I developed chronic sinusitis, fatigue, and headaches 14 mo.s ago. The headaches have progressed to a point where they are around 24/7 and unique to common migraine symptoms. Specialists want to focus one either
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