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african cichild & peacock bass
misi mimin dan momod sekalian ane mau gelar lapaklagi kali aja ada rejekinya disini.  ane jual ikan hias family cichlid dengan kualitas baik (kalo jelek ane ga mau jual ) list jualan ane sesuai judul jualan  tapi ane kasih nama lengkap dan ukuran
PFO Trial - next step was - ECHO heart test
Further to going forward with the PFO trial, I went for the Echocardiogram exam on my heart to see if I had 'the hole' so we could move forward to a possible cure. Well, I spent about an hour yesterday closely looking at my heart and my technician was
Pain in the heart area
I've been getting sharp pains in the heart area lately. Like when I bend into the fridge or get up from my desk. It feel like a bubble that needs to burst or something. Real sharp and I hold my breath or take breath shallow and wait until it passes.
sekilas tentang ikan Peacock bass
Ikan ini adalah ikan predator yang hidup di perairan Sungai Amazon. Ikan Peacock Bass hidup di air tawar dan ikan ini juga termasuk dalam keluarga cichlidae. Coraknya yang berwarna kuning dengan garis hitam vertikal memang sangat indah untuk dipandang
Butterbur and heart palpitations
I have been experiencing heart palpitations every day for hours at at time for the past month. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what had changed in my routine, and it occurred to me that the palpitations have been occurring since I've been
heart monitor removed this morning....
staff was nice, procedure went well....but a heck of a lot of pain. was twilight sedation...woke up at the end then pretty groggy for an hour or so. the monitor had a lot of scar tissue that encapsulated it. the doc (i had a plastic surgeon do this)
Prayer request - possible heart attack...
Last night, I had what they think may have been a mild heart attack ---- I had pain in my L chest, and L arm (especially) and the kids took me to the ER. My blood pressure was 211 over 100 something, and my EKG was "abnormal"...They gave me an
Close To My Heart Giveaway *Canada and usa only*
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Prize Details Close To My Heart is giving away a Cricut Expression® Machine to one random winner! Larger than the Cricut Create® Machine or the Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter, the Cricut Expression® Machine
YOUNG FOOTBALLER HAS HEART ATTACK ON PITCH Two-Hour Battle To Restart Muamba's Heart It took nearly two hours to restart Fabrice Muamba's heart after he collapsed in cardiac arrest on the pitch, it has emerged as he remains in a "critica
Is Trophy Bass 5 still sold anywhere?
I've been searching for a copy of Trophy Bass 5 for years and still cannot find one to purchase........
I Heart Vampires
I ran onto this. It is pretty funny, especially if you have a twilight/vampire diaries obsessed child in the house like I do. I Vampires Episode 1
Coconut Water caused racing heart....
I tried 1/2 glass of coconut water yesterday. I had just finished it and put the glass down when my heart began to pound. And I mean pound. Terrifying. Just posting to warn anyone thinking of trying it that this can happen. Has anyone had this
PFO (hole in the heart) and migraine aura
I have been suffering with migraine aura sine I was 14. I'm now 21 and was diagnosed with a hole in my heart called pfo today. I was wondering if anyone else has this? They supposedly cause migraine auras... 50 percent of the time so guess that's my cause
Professor Gerry McCann warns of 'unnecessary heart surgery'
Madeleine McCann's father warns thousands of heart patients are undergoing needless surgery, which is costing the NHS £60m a year, due to an inaccurate test Exercise testing is used to assess people with the condition aortic stenosis Patients are asked
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