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Drug Seeker Video
I found this on a medical blog. A drug seeker on a YouTube video--it's a cartoon--seeking drugs for fake seizures and migraine: Cheryl
"Comebacks"/"Repllies" when called a "drug seeker"...
Hi Everyone- I've been doing some thinking and I got to wondering...So many of us are made to feel like "drug seekers" by various Health Care Professionals. My experiences have been mostly in the ER, but I do know they happen in any and all
New drug? Old Drug? Legit drug?
My Husband has a friend who has migraines too, and she says she takes "Mydrin". I looked it up and it's only made in Japan,china and Korea. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it legit? Can we get a perscription here? Cause I saw that it ca
Methergine "drug holiday"
I am just beginning my methergine "drug holiday" - awful term b/c this is one of the worst times of my life, certainly no holiday. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had taken a methergine "drug holiday" and, if so, if they had an
anyone tried seroquel for migraines?
I was just prescribed a low dose of it the other day after trying countless other migraine preventatives, but can't find much information about the use of this drug for migraines. I'm assuming my neuro has his reason, but I'd love to hear if others have
Are you a high sensation seeking HSP? Spoiler:Are You a Sensation Seeker? A Self-Test Answer each question according to the way you feel. Answer true if it is at least somewhat true for you. Answer false if it is not very true or not at all true
PJ investigates signs of corruption linked to drug network The Judiciary Police (PJ) is investigating suspicions binding elements of the corporation with the 'drug barons'. According to early news yesterday for the Saturday magazine and highlighted
Portuguese Police Officers Facing Drug Trafficking, Corruption Charges
Thirteen heads of police criminal network Two policemen are on remand Read the CM that are charged 13 policemen, including officers, chiefs and officers. I wonder if Cristoavo's computer say
Glossary of drug related terms
Thought this might come in handy for some of you. (A) A Bean - MDMA Abe - $5 worth of drugs Abe's cabe - $5 bill Abolic - veterinary steroid Aborts - Absolut vodka and port, mixed together Acapulco gold - marijuana from
Did Naruto surpass DragonBall Z
The topic in this thread is about Naruto being above the likes of DragonBall part II. Well when one compares feats both have their own impressive feats, like Buu destroying the planet and Madara mind controlling the whole planet. However many are
Article on New Migraine drug MK-0974
I was paroozing webMD and found an easy to read article on a new migraine drug that shows promising results to those of us who cannot take or do not respond to triptan medications. Here is the link to the article. What do you guys think? 50% is pretty
INFECT-O White Spot drug
INFECT-O White Spot drugĀ  Antiviral-parasitic pellets REEF SAFE formula inovasi produk berbasis riset dan proses pengujian yang cukup lama untuk mendapatkan komposisi terbaik dari ekstrak herbal yang mempunyai kemampuan antiviral-parasitic untuk
Ativan? Anyone tried this drug?
Doc wants me to try Ativan. I asked her for something to relax me during times when I feel very anxious because I know a migraine is coming. Like times when on vacation, not in the comfort of your own home and own surroundings. Has anyone tried thi
Changes w/ Topamax + new ideas...
I saw the neurologist again today. I told her I had been taking Topamax--regardless of dose--for a month and a half straight, and that I was taking 75mg for 16 days straight. I said there wasn't any noticeable relief, and the side effects were
New drug for people who can't take triptains
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