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Road Rash Clone, Road Redemption Confirmed For The Wii U Console!
Action Packed Bike Racing Returns! Road Redemption is a motorcycle combat title which plays alot like EA's 16-bit title Road Rash and it may be coming to the Wii U, if it can meet the Kickstarter goal! DarkSeas Games which is a studio made up
New Footage of Road Redemption Surfaces!
Looking Good! New footage has surfaced of Road Redemption, Dark Seas Games answer to the now absent Road Rash series and despite mixed feeling from other major press websites we feel that the game looks quite good "and remember that the game is
Top 5 Rainbow Road Tracks in Mario Kart
Mario in the sky with rainbows If you’ve played any Mario Kart game, you know the recurring Rainbow Road Track. Each Mario Kart game has a new version of Rainbow Road, and while they are all different, the same theme applies to each Rainbow Road track.
The Road to Ruin
The Road to Ruin Preface ------- Pandosia, created by the four goddesses, has seen its fair share of war and peace. Now is not a time for peace. A war has begun between the neighboring countries of Aksum and Sybaris. Sybaris has ambushed Aksum's
Truck-Lite Off-Road Lighting Contest
Enter Contest View Entries Invite Friends Prize Details Truck-Lite Off-Road Lighting Giveaway: Choice of (2) 7" Round LED Auxiliary Spot (81711), Work (81712) or Flood (81714) Lamps with Integral Mount as well as (2) lamp covers
Tails From the Road Photo Contest
Grand Prize Retail Value: $1,500 Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook $500 Best Western Travel Card A Kurgo Pet Travel Prize Pack that includes: Kurgo Wander Bed Kurgo Surf n Turf Kurgo Wander Coat Kurgo Quantum Leash Kurgo Wande
Green Fever open air open road sweepstakes
Prize. 45,000 ultimate Belgard Hardscapes outdoor patio makeover including a Z Trak Mower or a brand new Airstream Trailer Plus get a chance to win one of 50 ipads. To enter visit your local john deere dealer or see the official rules for a mai
WebArtz Newsletter Vol. 18
How to switch another Tab of Firefox when click a link and it will open in another tab?
Hi, In the same case I'm getting an error "warn(1292245359123): Link has target '_blank', which is not supported in Selenium! Randomizing target to be: selenium_blank69196", when i run this code. Some one please help me out, in this
Road to Crystals of Silveria II: Regular Production Update Thread
I figured it was time to start a thread for posting updates to the production of the upcoming Chromaicora Adventures seasons: Flight of Indigo, Mask of Akanius, Shell of Thal and, of course, Crystals of Silveria II. Be sure to subscribe to this thread if
Dev Interview: A Talk With Claire Fontenot About Road Redemption!
Ride On! We had a chance to speak with Claire Fontenot from Darkseas Interactive regarding their upcoming title Road Redemption which will be headed to the Wii U sometime in 2014, here is our conversation! Thanks for agreeing to answer some of
selenium IDE
Hi All. When I want to run my selenium recorded file ,i m not able to run this.I am getting "[error] Element link=Selenium IDE Plugins not found". If anyone has faced the same problem and have the solution plz help me out. Thanks in advance.
Pop-up issue with Selenium RC in IE7 testing
Hi guys: I have a question regarding to pop-up window handling in Selenium RC for IE 7 automation testing. I am running a test case with JUnit in IE 7 where there will be a pop-up window. However, the pop-up window does not have any windowsID
Remove line under link
Remove Line Under Links Removing the underline below the links This can be annoying to many people, so here is a fast tutorial to learn how to remove the line under the links. I'll show you how to do it by HTML and CSS - that's the easiest way to do
Open link in new tab using Chrome driver and C#?
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem getting Selenium to act as though a link was clicked to open it up in a new tab, rather than in a new window which the link defaults to. I'm using the Chrome driver and C# in visual studio. I know that in chrome
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