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Adding A Floating Menu!
Its simple:) Just add this to your Homepage Message Code:<style type="text/css"> #topbar{ position:absolute; padding: 2px; border-right: #455690 1px solid; border-top: #B9C9EF 1px solid; border-left:
Using Selenium Webdriver to test drop down menu (menu within menu)
I am having a problem getting my test for a drop down menu to work without my mouse being on the page as the test runs.   Can some one guide me in the right direction??   I have doe a lot of research on the internet and have tried several things but
how to add down down menu in forumotion
can anybody teach me how to add down down menu like here --> i like it because it really rocks!
Review: Need for Speed: Undercover (Wii Retail)
Need for Speed Undercover is the 12th installment of the ever popular Need for Speed series. It was developed by EA Blackbox and published by EA. It was released on November 18th 2008 for all consoles and handhelds. Need for Speed Undercover takes
To adapt this menu Forumotion
I put this menu in my menu page ..
Download Whatsapp Spy V1 51 Exe
Download Whatsapp Spy V1 51 Exe
WinReducer 10.0 - Beta Test Builds
Hello guys, I'm really proud to announce that the "WinReducer 10.0" development has began ! For the moment, and to ensure the best experience possible to all WinReducer users, the alpha test is only reserved to "Lifetime VIP
Selection of sub menus in Selenium IDE
Hi, in our system we have sub menus. We also have the functionality that you cannot be linked into the same application twice. As soon as I run my tests, this new functionality breaks the tests. How do I select the sub menu, without it being broken?
D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys
revvinon wrote:Hello deegee - welcome to the forum. I have not tried the patch (I don't have VISTA 64) from TSE but if you followed everything they had written there for running the patch, it probably would be best to call Mattel/Radica. They will sen
[SOLVED] winrar sfx archive + 7zip download problem
it is possible to add a silent install via Obbe for an winrar sfx archive ??? kind "%CDROM%\WinReducerPI\Themes.exe"/s thanks
How to handle the firefox download window to download the files using selenium web driver?
Hi All, I am new to selenium. I have one task that is download the files using selenium webdriver with firefox browser. but cloud not able to do that facing problem with identify the download window, select the "Save" radio button and click on o
Anonymous Theme
Greetings & Salutations, Am new here & Now am gonna share Anonymous Theme. VirusTotal Scan
Deleting Badge Arcade with over the 1000 home menu limit
does anyone know if i could delete Badge Arcade without losing any badges, I know that the badges on the home menu stay, but what about the ones stored in game? I ask because my SD card is acting up and Badge Arcade says cannot start because either my SD
[Hỏi đáp] Avatar Dop Menu cho PunBB
Diễn đàn của mình có sử dụng Avatar Dop Menu cho PunBB tương tự như hình dưới đây: Mặc dù mình không chỉnh sửa code, nhưng thời gian gần đây chức năng này bị lỗi: 1- Không hiển thị nick của thành viên mà chỉ hiển thị thời gian post bài. 2-
Element Sub menu not found
Hi, I am new to Selenium, In my application am having lot of submenu's when i click the submenu and play back am not able to proceed further. keep on getting the error as element submenu (name) not found. could some one point me in right direction
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