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'Profiler' Brown CR-d?
Lamentations are appearing: ProfilerPatB PAT BROWN I was told by Amazon change the title and the content of my Profile of Madeline #McCann due to "legal conflicts." 3 hours ago ProfilerPatB PAT BROWN I was told by Amazon there is
Full transcript of Pat Brown's appearance on Websleuth's
Courtesy of: Many thanks for passing on permission to use it - I will repeat the warning on the blog: This transcript is copyrighted. Please DO NOT copy and
Update on Attorney Meeting re ex's screw up - Pretty Good News !!
Hi guys, I decided to create a new post - hope you all don't mind. And, it's long, but, please, please, read!! I was very nervous going to see this attorney. My boyfriend recommended him, used him for his divorce, plus an Engineer at work knew of
Pharmacy Screw up! (just venting and ranting)
I just sat down for the first time today and started to go through my pile of stuff to be taken care of. I get down to the meds that I picked up at the pharmacy today only to find out that they have given me meds that are not on my preferred brand list.
STATEMENT FROM 'PROFILER' PAT BROWN SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2011 Freedom of Speech, the McCanns, and Searching for Maddie by Pat Brown I have been getting a lot of questions about my search fund
Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists. Bread, chips and potatoes should be cooked to a golden yellow colour, rather than brown, to reduce our intake of a chemical which could cause cancer, government food scientists
brownie recipe
does anyone have a crazy good brownie recipe? something kinda fancy? allen is a brownie fan, and I want to make some to have after our date saturday nite!! beth
More nonsense from Brown as she plays the role of Jane Tanner, LOLOLOL
She's blogged again, this one is called: Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: How Jane Tanner got Lost in a Crowd on an Empty Street Please note, it has MONDAY'S date on it, though no doubt that will be changed several times by the end of the
Here's Why 'Profiler' Brown's Ghoul Tour Isn't Going To Happen
Pub. Date: July 2011 Publisher: Pat Brown Sold By: Barnes & Noble Format: NOOK Book (eBook) Sales Rank: 73,184 Doesn't look like she has raised the bus fare to the airport yet. And what was the ranking of Brat's last opus? Something like
She's done another one; sadly for the forkers, she has confirmed what we have been trying to tell them - the shutters DO open from the outside.. Criminal
Jayelles' Rebuttal of Pat Brown
A masterly - and very timely - piece of work and research:'s-blogs-about-the-McCanns Analysis and Rebuttal of Pat Brown's blogs about the McCanns
WEST MEMPHIS THREE FREED AFTER PLEA DEAL West Memphis Three Freed After 18 Years in Weird Plea Deal Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr., the so-called "West Memphis Three"
Profile Of The Death Of 'Profiler' Brown's Kittens
Many observers have been troubled by recent utterances from the self-styled 'profiler' Pat Brown. Not least, it would appear, the fine men and women of the FBI Academy at Quantico, who it seems Searched for info about her with the terms: pat brown
master legend in the Orlando weekly upholding the real life super heroes
Not the window! Pat .. THE FRONT DOOR !
Not the window! Pat .. THE FRONT DOOR ! Bundleman went in and out by that front door almost without doubt. It is the obvious weak point and so easy to use. But that means almost certainly someone connected to OC had a key and also probably assisted
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