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"location of an element in a drop down list in selenium ide"

selecting dropdown list using selenium
I am using selenium in Firefox. My application is having a ajax drop down list with autosuggestion option from where i need to select data. When I start typing in the text area, autosuggest control provides similar options available in the
Selecting item from a drop down richfaces control type
I am new to Selenium. Have been exploring for the last 2 weeks and now stuck with this issue for the past 7 days. I have a drop down list in my UI under test. IDE is not recording the selection. What it records is
how to record auto calculation value in drop-down using Selenium ide
Hi am new to the selenium tool, when i record the drop-down list values in Selenium IDE the values is displayed in the drop-down list but the total calculated values is not displayed in the text-box please do the need full help . and please find the
Identifying the element
i am having difficulty recognizing elements, can you please tell me how i can use to click these elements 1)i have to hover on the Manage and click the try item,i am not getting a clue how i can do that class="ricAppMenuHover"> Manage
How to implement logic: if element exist in the list (array), Se, Selenise
HI, all I'm trying to implement logic where I check if ${month} exists in predefined static list , e.g. (Jan, Feb, Mar, Sep). Then if YES do gotoIF target1 if NOT gotoIF target2. We actively using js user extensions in our framework, and trying to sta
How to select an item from the Drop Down combo thru' selenium web driver
Hi Friends, I'm using Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and I need a script for selecting an item from the drop down combo box. I got the (x)path information when I recorded my webpage using Selenium IDE and my code is the following:
How to chose dropdown values in Selenium IDE?
Hi, I have to slect values in dropdown using datadriven. for e.g $var1="Abc" Select name=$var1 I have used this code and while running encounetring error label with $var1 is not found. Can anyone help.
selenium RC not able to choose a value in drop-down list which is build using ul tag...
I am using selenium-RC for my automation with java (Eclipse Kepler) . I am facing some issues with a selection of a option in a drop down list which is not in select tag it is in span. I want to test a page where their is a drop-down list for selection
How to Capture a Drop down list values using Selenium + TestNg6.5
Capturing Drop down Values Using Selenium RC + TestNg Hello All, Please Tell me How to capture a Drop Down List Values Using Selenium RC.Is there any command to Do that For Example if there is a Drop down list of Stat
How to select multiple item from the web list and drop down list in Webdriver
How to select multiple item from the web list and drop down list in Webdriver. Regards, Ashok N T +91-9986602669
Finding element by content with scLocator?
Hello! I need to get element from dropdown list by its content, to check if it exists. It doesn't have id and no fixed location inside list. I managed to get it with Selenium IDE by using scLocator, but only when defining row nr. where it is at the
Select the value in Dropdown in Selenium IDE.
Hi, I am using selenium IDE, problem is in my project there is option of multiple language like "French","English". etc. So on the subscription page there is one field "Security ques", and its difficult to take the id of dropdown without
How to verify all element present in application.
Hi, Suppose if you want to check your application link before start testing, you can do it with some commands present in RC. I am telling how to verify all links, button and input fields on the current page. I am telling you in java , convert into your
Urgent-how can i select and click on items present in combo box/drop down list box
Hi, how can i select and click on any one item present in combo box(Timesheet CR,zzz,Other Activities) below is my html code Code: <div class="x-combo-list-item x-combo-selected" style="white-space:
Select drop down value in Selenium RC
Hi, Can anyone pls. let me know how to get the value from the select drop down in Selenium RC using IE. Select drop down has the "name" attribute. Eg. [size=9]selenium[/size].select([size=9]"name=paysFG"[/size], [size=9]"label=FRAN"[/size]); The
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