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Page load issue
Hi, I am trying to access the table element on the page. but the table is very big. It takes time to load the page. When it tries to access the table element after 2nd 3rd row its gives error that table element not found. I have added
[Hỏi đáp] load ajax khi scroll
tình hình là mình muốn khi scroll xuống hết bài ở topic list box thì nó sẽ tự load ajax ở trang 2 thay vì bấm vào nút pagination nhờ các pro giúp giùm ! thanked
Review: X-Type Plus (Wii U eshop)
Classic Bullet-Hell Fun! X-Type Plus is a title in the bullet-hell shoot em' up sub-genre and was published and developed by the indie development studio PhobosLab. How does this game fare when compared to classic games in the genre? Read the rest
[ANSWERED] ISO dimension and final installation.
First of all many thanks to Winterstorm for his job and the people that contribute for this project. I have tested various configurations with winreducer's options,and finally i have found whitch i need for me My Windows 8.1 ISO after the reductions of
Animal Myers Briggs - What's your animal type?
For a bit of fun... Without having done Myers Briggs in years, I'll just go with a hunch and say I'm a Meerkat...
Prob in executing Selecium RC Script in Eclipse
hi, I am a beginner in Selenium RC, i started to record some script from IDE and exported to JUnit3. That Java script is copied to eclipse by adding drivers, package, changing class name etc. Below is the piece of code using in eclipse package
I need solution for Multiple FCK Editor for Selenium IDE...
I need solution for Multiple FCK Editor for Selenium IDE...plz give me solution in Html formate.
Selecting item from a drop down richfaces control type
I am new to Selenium. Have been exploring for the last 2 weeks and now stuck with this issue for the past 7 days. I have a drop down list in my UI under test. IDE is not recording the selection. What it records is
do not run browser, when start selenium testing
I want to provide stress testing my web-app (which base on zk framework) with selenium and Jmeter(Java Request). But when I run test, selenium-rc init browser, can i  avoid that, or do it in background. Thank you and sorry for my english.
Carly, an Autistic girl can type !
This is pretty amazing, brings tears to my eyes ... Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence Her name is Carly.
Forumotion Shoutbox
This is one of the biggest projects I've worked on in awhile; a fully customizable shoutbox. The shoutbox runs off it's own code alongside the fa_database, so it will work even if the default chatbox does not.. You can use it as a public shoutbox, or
Tự động Load 1 page từ 1 đường link chỉ định
Chào mọi người, hiện mình có đoạn code sau, tác dụng của nó là khi click vào 1 nút có đường link như /post chẳng hạn Code:<span class="buttons"><a href="">Go</a> nó sẽ load page
Page load Alert Handling in selenium Java
Hi All, In my application I have alert on pageload. It comes after successful login .. It shows message welcome to application. It is on page load. I try get alert () assertalertpresent() and verifyalertpresent() but all are failed. Pls help me how i
how to capture time/number of results in google results page
I got a small trouble while using selenium in IDE 1.0.5 .I need to capture a value and retrieve back for example in google page , after results are displayed i need to capture value of time it took.Iam enclosing the code used by me to do it.when i run thi
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