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How to Capture Java Applet components using Selenium IDE?
Hi all,     I have to test our web application using Selenium IDE. In our application, there is a login screen which was developed by using Java Applet. If I try to record that screen, Selenium IDE is not capturing nothing. So, please guide me what
WebDriver hangs loading a page with an Applet
Hi I have encountered a strange issue when WebDriver attempts to navigate to a page with an Applet on it. When WebDriver attempts to load the page with the applet in an tag it hangs for approximately 1 minute before rendering the page and moving on t
Page load issue
Hi, I am trying to access the table element on the page. but the table is very big. It takes time to load the page. When it tries to access the table element after 2nd 3rd row its gives error that table element not found. I have added
Page load Alert Handling in selenium Java
Hi All, In my application I have alert on pageload. It comes after successful login .. It shows message welcome to application. It is on page load. I try get alert () assertalertpresent() and verifyalertpresent() but all are failed. Pls help me how i
Getting the error msg 'Error: Could not find or load main class java-jar' while executing the selenium code in eclipse
Hi, Please suggest me why this error msg is coming and how to avoid that error message
Can't lauch firefox with a python script
I am trying to lauch a Selenium script from a Python script and it gets stuck at "11:16:32.144 INFO - Launching Firefox..." The Selenium server is running well, I also tried the Selenium IDE and it works. I am using Ubuntu lynx, Firefox 3.6.23, Seleniu
[Hỏi đáp] load ajax khi scroll
tình hình là mình muốn khi scroll xuống hết bài ở topic list box thì nó sẽ tự load ajax ở trang 2 thay vì bấm vào nút pagination nhờ các pro giúp giùm ! thanked
Selenium webdriver Error - "Could not contact Selenium Server".
Hello, Here is simple webdriver program- import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver; import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver; public class First { public void testFirst() throws Exception { WebDriver driver = new
Verifying tab switching with Selenium FF plugin
Hi All, I am new to this Selenium IDE. I have selenium ide for Firefox and trying to test the tab switching of a web app. Below is the my test requirement 1) Login to app 2) Page loads first default page (tab). Need to wait for page load. 3) Click
do not run browser, when start selenium testing
I want to provide stress testing my web-app (which base on zk framework) with selenium and Jmeter(Java Request). But when I run test, selenium-rc init browser, can i  avoid that, or do it in background. Thank you and sorry for my english.
Tự động Load 1 page từ 1 đường link chỉ định
Chào mọi người, hiện mình có đoạn code sau, tác dụng của nó là khi click vào 1 nút có đường link như /post chẳng hạn Code:<span class="buttons"><a href="">Go</a> nó sẽ load page
Create Batch file for Selenium
Hello, I want to create a batch file for running Selenium. I need it to run it in Jenkins, now you can ask why you will do it with a batch file? There is a plugin for it, so use that one. Now it is impossible to use that plugin because it is to comple
opera browser not loading the page using selenium Rc(Java)
Hello everyone, I have a suite of Selenium tests (created using Java in Selenium RC 1.0.3) that work perfectly with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. But when I try to use Opera (I tried both versions 9 and 10) the first "open" command
Selenium is not capturing a tool run from a browser
Hi, I've a question regarding capturing event launched from a client manager interface from a browser. Our company has appworx 8.0 tool which is used to schedule task. I'm looking at selenium to capture the events from this tool. To launch the
Dynamic Drop Down Selection
I am trying to automate an application that has a drop down that dynamically populates with customer names. The drop down does not actually populate with data until it is selected. When running through the script it thinks it selects something and passe
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