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Post Title Colour
Hello again  This time I would like to know if it's possible for post title boxes to be the primary colour, not the colour that is determined by the poster's usergroup. Where's the rule itself? Thanks again.
Check for button colour in selenium IDE
Hi I have this link: How can i check that the button "signup" button is blue in selenium ide with commands, target, value? I have //*[contains(@id,"tell-me-more")]
Canon IP1600 - Colour Ink Cartridge Not Recognized
Hi. I have a printer that is about 3 to 5 years old. Just recently, I was refilling the black and white ink cartridge only. Once I inserted the ink cartridge back into the printer and turned on my laptop, there was this orange light that started to flash.
Selenium doesnt capture colour picker
Hi, Iam new to selenium Rc python... In my application there is an option to choose fore colour and back ground colour using colourpickker, This is my code for click the colour
has anyone tried colour glasses to treat migraine?
I have noticed that on the web there is a lot about blue light and migraine. there seems to be some green glasses for migraine that are supposed to help and some tests were done with red contact lenses that have helped some people. Has anyone tried this o
Font Awesome
I have installed Font Awesome in my 2 forums and installed the Font Awesome button in the editor. Is there any way that it could get all the icons without you having to manually add the icon codes to the scripts?
What font is used on this site please?
Hello Not sure where to post this, but please could someone tell me what font is used on this site please as I'd like to use it on mine. Ta muchly.
How to Change Font in forumotion?
Hi all I want to ask How to change "Font" (Type Font>NaviBar>forum>Sub forum>Topic Title) in forumotion? before, I've never know about this more details you can see this picture how to be like that?? before i need use this font (spy
how get the font style of text
can you please tell me how to get the style, font, color of text by using selenium
What is This Font Name
What is the font name of this banner:
[SUGGESTION] Font Size Changer
Is there any plans to add a font size changer like this:  /t571-forum-font-size-selector ?  For some members, the font size in posts could be too small.  Also the changer could be above the topics.
[Tips] Huớng dẫn sử dụng Font Awesome
Trang chủ: Giới thiệu: Font Awesome bao gồm 439 icons, có thể gọi ra bằng HTML. Những icons này có thể chỉnh sửa bằng css và không cần dùng javascript. Hướng dẫn: Cho đoạn code dưới đây vào trên </head> trong
[SOLVED] How can I add emojis and font awesome icons
Pls, i really need help to add special emoticons like emojis and font aawesome icons to my forum?
Selenium WebDriver How TO change Font Size Using Eclipse
I am using Eclipse and webdriver. I am trying to change the font in an iframe box. The problem that I am having is the text that I use with .sendkeys types in normal text. Is there a way for me to change the text size and fonts. I will upload a picture of
How can change the color font for log and test case section in Selenium IDE?
Hello There, I am trying to 'Echo' Custom info message whenever any command from the script has failed. How can I change the color font for log in Selenium IDE? ex: I want the text for echo command to be Red so I can easily identify the steps Eve
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