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Add more font choices to the Editor
Hello, This quick trick will teach you how to add more font choices to the Editor of you Forumotion forum, as in the example below. Adding the JavaScript Go to Administration Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management and create a new
[Hỏi đáp] Chỉnh sửa kích thước font chữ toàn forum
Hỏi: Mình muốn tăng kích thước font chữ to lên một tí cho toàn forum ! Hướng dẫn mình chút nhé ! :) Đáp: /t271-hoi-dap-chinh-sua-kich-thuoc-font-chu-toan-forum?showpost=p1647
has anyone tried colour glasses to treat migraine?
I have noticed that on the web there is a lot about blue light and migraine. there seems to be some green glasses for migraine that are supposed to help and some tests were done with red contact lenses that have helped some people. Has anyone tried this o
[Hỏi đáp] Bóng font chữ
Không biết mn có để ý không bóng font của fm nó sáng hơn những forum khác . Đa số thiên về tối cho font . Mấy bóng đấy ở css nó mã gì To đen chữ phóng to sẽ thấy mấy mờ viềng quanh P/s bóng font k phải bóng mờ
how get the font style of text
can you please tell me how to get the style, font, color of text by using selenium
[(Last-Minute) Suggestion] Font Awesome
Code:<link rel="stylesheet" href=""> Latest Font Awesome and it's official cuz cloudfare @Ange Tuteur
What is This Font Name
What is the font name of this banner:
[SUGGESTION] Font Size Changer
Is there any plans to add a font size changer like this:  /t571-forum-font-size-selector ?  For some members, the font size in posts could be too small.  Also the changer could be above the topics.
Selenium doesnt capture colour picker
Hi, Iam new to selenium Rc python... In my application there is an option to choose fore colour and back ground colour using colourpickker, This is my code for click the colour
[ANSWERED] Meiryo Font and Hyper-V Controller Bug
Version: Winreducer EX-8.1 - OS: W8.1 Core x64 Meiryo Font and Hyper-V Controller unable to remove.
[SOLVED} WinReducer7 RC2 network driver remove not correctly and suggest not remove font--microsoft YaHei
1.I choose “Protect VMware Player and Workstationin” in Presets,but the network driver for vmware also removed..I keeped "Network - Ethernet - Realtek" driver for my computer,but the network driver removed again.. 2.If remove font--microsoft
Wonderful Terrible Tattoos (take 2)
Since this whole thread got blown away I guess I should resurrect it. There are so many interesting, strange, funny, terrible, impressive tattoos out there that I thought it would be fun to share a few. I'm not a fan of tattoos myself, but I can't help
Rainbow usernames
Hi is there anyway to make a user group with rainbow usernames?
How to take the screen shot? when i set a kwargs, it is showing error... when i not set kwargs it is coming black color as background
When i not set kwargs, png coming as a black color background so black color text are not visible in screen shot.. |captureEntirePageScreenshot | C:\Users\chandrasekaran\Desktop\snapsie-0.2\test.jpg| | When i use this command it is not working..
Tus ntawv yuav coj kom Hmoob ciaj
Nyob zoo sawv daws, Hmoob muaj ntau tus ntawv, tiam sis tus ntawv yuav coj Hmoob kom rov ciaj dua tsuas yog tus ntawv Keeb (ntawv Phaj Hauj xwb), tsis muaj lwm tus lawm.  Kawm lwm haiv neeg li txuj thiab ntawv ces txog thaum kawg ua luag qhev xwb,
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