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Gepants...a new migraine treatment...
So I was just reading this journal article and came across a reference to 'gepants'. Never heard of em. I'm gonna go digging. Have you guys heard of em? The Extracranial Vascular Theory of Migraine—A Great Story Confirmed by the Facts HEADACHE: THE
Anyone tried Wellbutrin?
I ran across something about Wellbutrin that got me thinking. According to my research it can help with migraines. Check. It helps some people quit smoking. Check. I've been struggling a little with depression. Check. And today I came across info that
my 4 yr old suffers migraines
hi, my 4 year old has just been diagnosed as suffering migraines, has only been told to give him paracetamol and ibuprofen, Dr said that he needs more 5 attacks before he can be referred to a pedatriction??? this sounds unfair to make him wait, and is
Migrane and Headache Releif That helped me
Hello, I want to introduce myself, I am 35 years and often suffer extreme migraines and headaches at least one a month for as long as I can remember. All chronic migraine sufferer would know that it is not only very painful but hinders life in many
Found a cure for my intractable migraines!
This is my first post here, although I have visited this forum often for many years. I have had chronic, intractable migraines for over 15 years and have been on every maintenance and pain medication out there. anti-seizures, SSRIs, anti-depressants,
treatment for cervicogenic headache / doctors specializing in this type of headache
Is anyone familiar with effective treatments for cervicogenic headaches (from a whiplash injury) and / or doctors specializing in this kind of headache? I have constant, severe headaches and neck pain from a car accident nine years ago. I have tried
list of 10 headache treatment centers in US
supposedly the top ten
Hydrocodone as a treatment
I was wondering how many of you felt about Hydrocodone for your migraines. I am only using it right now as a last resort (because of the expense of my Relpax <rescue med>. My nuerologist told me that people who use a narcotic to reduce the pain of
Low cost Alternative treatment
Hi, Well last week was heaven no head pain of any nature for over a week, others who suffer daily from head pain and migraine know what it is like, pure bliss. I have been getting daily migraines for months now and it was such are relief, but yesterday
your thoughts, migraine treatment program.
i'm being offered a migraine treatment plan that last 3 weeks. boiled down, they take you off all of the meds that they think are bad--opoids, analgesics like tylenol, benzos, etc. they give you some exercise, stretching, bio-feedback, some counceling
lack of fluid
i took my son and his friend to a museum on saturday and had hoped to sit in the cafe when we got there to have a lunch and a drink! there was no cafe or restraunt or somewhere to sit and eat our food wed taken so we looked round the museum for 2
What Happened to My Co-worker
My co-worker had outpatient knee surgery last week. I asked him Monday how it went. He said, "Fine, except for what happened afterward." And when I asked him about that, he started talking about having a huge migraine after the surgery. I
NUCCA Chiropractors
Someone suggested this to me - actually swore up and down this cured her migraines. Just wondering if anyone had tried this out? I'm not sure of the theory behind this.
Absolutely AMAZING appontment with new specialist! SO EXCITED!
So my husband and I went to see the new specialist at the Baylor Headache Clinic in Dallas. It was absolutely amazing! He told me that since I started migraines at 5, he knew it aws genetic, and the Arnold Chiari was just an additional kink thrown in
Home after 5 days of DHE
Well, it's 12:40, and I am sitting up at home. Just got out of the hospital today (Friday) after going in on Monday. This time's DHE treatments with a different doctor were very different. It started out with 15 minute prior push of Zonfran, then a
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