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L-Arginine for Migraines
Has anybody tried this or just L-Arginine for headaches: "Migraine headache. Taking L-arginine by mouth along with the painkiller ibuprofen seems to be effective for treating migraine headache. This combination sometimes starts to work within 30
Cluster headaches and passing out
Hi All, Bith this afternoon and yesterday afternoon, I experienced a horrible cluster headache. I probably would have given myself a black eye if my roommate had not grabbed my wrists and held them down to prevent it. I did put an ice ack n it. The pai
eye/ cluster headache won't go away- help
Hi All, This morning, I got a pretty bad cluster headache around my left eye. I put some ice on it and that helped for a while- it dulled and went away. Well, early this afternoon, the eye headache came back- nothing helped- ice, medicine, I finally
Migraine in clusters, but not cluster migraines.
First apologies if this correlates with anything I have asked in the past either on this forum or the old one. But since the neuro visit I am running my own show..... So please either indulge me or ignore me. I understand it could be boring for some old
Anyone ever try it? I was prescribed it by my new neurologist this week. I took it on Tuesday and it wiped out a migraine in progress completely. I'm pretty amazed - virtually nothing has ever done that for me. It's hard for me to believe that I hav
Has anyone tried capsaicin for headache/neckache relief?
I browse around on PubMed a lot looking for compounds that have been tried for migraines. I noticed that capsaicin (the stuff that makes chile peppers spicy) has been tried with some success for both migraine and cluster headaches. I decided to give it
Lamictal for Migraines
Good evening everyone! I am new to the site but have read many of the threads. I am a 32 year old who has had migraines since I was 4. I have tried almost all of the preventatives out there. With side effects and the meds just not working, my neuro
GammaCore - Headache Device
Here is a migraine device that may be of interest to forum members: Unfortunately, it is not for use in the US, Canada, or Japan. As to Canada, I think that it is restricted to Cluster
Could my headaches be a result of Systemic Candida?
Just to paraphrase my first post on 2/10- I developed chronic sinusitis, fatigue, and headaches 14 mo.s ago. The headaches have progressed to a point where they are around 24/7 and unique to common migraine symptoms. Specialists want to focus one either
HElp 5am third day of cluster and need advice
Hi All, It is 5 am here and this headache shows no signs of abating. It feels like a cluster, but it won't go away. every time the light changes it feels like someone is stabbing my left eye, even though the eye is patched. I am not sure what to do.
Amitriptyline headaches
I have been on amitriptyline for 2 and a half weeks, and almost every day since I have had a headache. I assume it is the amitriptyline doing this. I know a number of you have tried this drug, so I am interested in your views. Should I stop taking
Headaches and passing out/fainting
Hi All, I'm sure that most of you know that in addition to chronic intractable migraine, I also have POTS and faint a great deal. I usually faint anywhere from 0-12 times each day. I have only noticed one pattern- when the pain gets worse, I faint a lo
sleep apnea and morning headaches
I found this video on youtube and it is working for me so if anyone suffers sleep apnea along with morning headaches then it is worth a try I have almost stopped sleep apnea .
Rebound headaches
Can you get rebound headaches on daily use of ibupropfen? Some places I've read you can and others say you cant. Since my bad bout of migraine started in November I've been using it almost daily - usually 2 or 3 tabs. I am getting migraine and aura
any tips for rebound headaches?
I suffer from chronic migraines, and due to overuse of triptans, I am suffering from terrible rebound headaches. I spent Tuesday morrning in the ER, and this headache keeps coming back. I have stopped the triptans and have been resorting to otc
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