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Calling application's js file inside selenium
Hi, I am testing a Dojo application. I want to capture DojoDatastore values from Selenium RC using java. How is it possible?
Selenium WebDriver + GWT Application
Hi, I am writting automatic test for GWT application. And I try to double click on table element. I am using this code fo click: Code: WebElement event =
How can we automate Ajax based application using selenium.
Hi, help me in finding solution in automating Ajax based applications using selinium.
How to test single page application (java) with selenium
Hi   Currently I am working on a single page application, which is developed using AngularJS.   It is a questionnaire about a house inspection.   Where investigators visit the house and enter the results. Section 1:  questions about the Basic
Application Cannot be executed
Hi! Ive spent a good few hours reading through loads of threads with the same problem as me! Win XP and constant pop ups "application cannot be executed......." plus infiltration alerts on the bottom right and a security centre pop up showing
Selenium RC - web application
Hi, Can we do web application functionality testing using Selenium-RC ? Or we face any major issues, if we use Selenium-RC for application ? Can anyone please provide the details on this along with selenium-RC limitations when we us
Not a valid Win32 Application
Whenever I try to download a file onto my computer, I get a not valid win32 application error when I run it. please help.
Xpath for the tooltip in extjs application
Hi, I am new to Selenium IDE, I don't have much idea on Xpath i use xpather to get the xpath for any element.The xpath contains the element id but in the extjs id's are automatically generated values which keeps changing so how do i get rid of this? Her
[SOLVED] WinReducer 7 - v2.99.4.1 - Application settings
Hello I have a problem with Winreducer, some settings are not applied (Accessory - Windows Mail, Tablet PC, etc... and WinSXS backup), I tested several things (new installs each time) ISO + all hotfixes integrated + rt7lite => NOK ISO + all
how to capture screenshots of flex application using Selenium?
Hi, am able to capture a screenshot of web application using "captureEntirePageScreenshot" in IDE. But for my project i need to capture screenshot of flex application. when i tried the above command on flex application it is capturing a blank
Is Selenium Webdrive compatible with silver-light application?
Hi All, One of my clients wanted to automate the application which build in silver-light technology? was searching threads but could not find the right answer, so decided to write new thread to get the compatibility answer answer? Thanks Ashok N
Is selenium supports Application built on Oracle d2k forms?
Hi, Is selenium supports Application built on Oracle d2k forms? If so kindly suggest suitable selenium tool for working on it. Regards, Sairam
Migraine Disability/Employment Application?
I have severe status migrainosus, 24/7. I'm always in very severe pain, sometimes to the point of excruciating. I see a pain management doctor and I'm on pain meds. Without my pain meds, I wouldn't even be able to get out of bed in the morning. I have
Uploading multiple files at a time from Windows directory to Application under test
My Application has a 'Browse' button which opens up a windows Browse dialog upon click My requirement is to select a folder in desktop and then select all the files in the folder and then click on 'Open' button on windows dialog I'm unable to
How to recognise controls inside tabNavigator of Flex application while testing in Selenium.
I am trying to automate test cases but have encountered the following problem. My application is in Flex and i am writing the test cases in C# and testing the same in NUnit Framework using Selenium. In the application there are three tabs inside the
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