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how to data driven using excel in selenium rc
Can any one help to give sample scrp in selenium rc java for data driven using excel
Data Provider for test methods using C#
I developed test cases with data provider that reads data from excel sheet using testng in java.And this is my coding Code:@DataProvider(name="DP1") public Object[][] DP1() throws
is it possible to store data into a document using selenium ide..?
is it possible to store data into a document using selenium ide..?
how to get cell data from table on webpage
Hi ALL , Can any one update me on how to get cell data from a table on a webpage. Like I want to retrieve a particular value from the calculator from a cell I am using selenium RC with java. Regards Viresh SB
Selenium - Firefoox hangs on transferring data from ...
Hi, i have a big Problem with my first privat project in Selenium. I use Selenium and the FirefoxDriver to automate my workflows. Sometime Firefox hangs on "Transferring Data from...". With this error I can not work. It is supposed to be a bug in
How to pass the data to the @Test method with using @DataProvider
Hi All, I read the data from Excel sheet in data provider and return it an object, but while passing the data to the @ Test method i have to pass all the column names,Suppose if 30 columns are there in Sheet i have to pass 30 parameters in Test method,
How to pass the multiple input data with or condition to search them?
Hi Team, I am new to selenium, I have one query that is I wanted to pass the multiple input data to search at a time with or condition, Please anyone send me the java code( I want running this script using Eclipse). Thanks in advance, Syam..
Selenium Frameworks : Keyword / Data Driven / Hybrid Frameworks
Can any one explain How to explain Selenium all framework in interview in real time ( How you people will explain @ the time in interview). Please explain here it will be very useful. answer as if you are answering this in the interview. Please don't
Pass multiple test data record to run test suite recursively
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction on how to recursively run the same test suite by passing in a test file that contains multiple records that need to be executed. I'm fairly new to Selenium so here's where I am at. I have a
Negative Testing with Selenium JUnit 4 Remote Control and Eclipse
Hi, I created the following script. I use Eclipse and JUnit 4: Can't add website to the code because: New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information. Please remove
[ANSWERED] How to remove/disable Windows 10 preview Keylogger?
According to Windows 10 preview TOS they are using a keylogger mechanism to track our every click and move to improve their software and stability. While that sounds good in terms of performance and a better windows 10, it can be a pickle to use on
Possible to get data for excel?
can we run the script by getting input data from excel sheet. i'm using junit with eclipse ide thanks in advance.
How to Fetch the data from an Image
Hi Everybody, When we open Registration details for any Page(gmail,yahoo.....) we will get an Security image at the bottom.How to get the text from the image when we do with selenium.can anybody help me out.
How to control data field
In my application by clicking on date field pop-up calender will appears. In that pop-up calender we have to select date,month and year. I am trying to give data through excel sheet, but it is not taking those values. I need java test script to control
How to use Selenium IDE with tabular data and pagination?
Hi I used to record tests ion selenium IDE for after export in selenium/rspec formt to run all them with Selenium RC. Now, I aquire a doubt when I was recording some test of crude operation of data in table with pagination. For example, supose that
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