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JADIENCE FANBASE GAME *usa only* Grand Prize By getting 3 of your Friends to join our Fanbase and “Like” our Page, you get your own choice of a FREE supply of select Jadience products. 2nd Prize The game doesn’t end
What was the first mario game that you played?
My first game in the series was Super Mario Bros. 2 USA I know it wasn't a "real" mario game, but it remains one of my favorites to this day!
Share Your Gaming Collection!
We all collect games, Plushes any type of merchandise that involves gaming. Here is the play you can use to share your current and past systems that you still own If you have any stories about how you came about these systems or handheld devices also
The Video Game Character Alphabet
In this game we'll loop through the Alphabet from A-Z in an infinite loop using characters from video games! Here is an example of how it will work: Post #1: Axel. (Kingdom Hearts) Post #2: Bubsy. (Bubsy) Post #3: Crono. (Chrono Trigger) etc.
[Forum Game] The Song Title Game
Song Title Game In this game you have to use one word of the current song title to make a new song title. Example: I type in the title "Sleepless Night" by King Diamond the next person types in "Black Night" by Deep Purple "NIGHT" being the word
Game-Xtreme keeps it's format, but is now available in English!
Hi All! The essentials of have been translated into English. The format has not been changed. Existing member posts will not be translated. You're all very welcome to sign up! Regards and
SoBe Lifewater Facebook SUMMER OF SoBe Game *usa only*
to enter: very easy to play. Just spin the wheel and if you can share with 2 friends to get a second entry. SoBe Lifewater Facebook SUMMER OF SoBe Game OFFICIAL RULES NO
Feature: A Video Game Discussion: The New Trend "Vintage" Games At Gamestop And The Sky High Prices.
Unethical? Recently Gamestop has started selling specific "rare" titles under their "vintage" used game label at a very high premium, including some recent Wii titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles released on April 6th 2012 for $89.99 and
New WiiU game to use CryEngine 3
Written By: KingreX32 Now here is a bit of odd news on the WiiU front, apparently a game using CryEngine3 will be coming to the WiiU. This game however is not being developed by Crytek, but by a "respected developer". As it stands right now there are
Top 5 Kirby games to be included on Kirby’s 20th Anniversary
DISCLAIMER: The opinion expressed in this article does not reflect the entire opinion of the website, only the writer. What a great way to end the seventh-generation of the once white iconic console, Nintendo Wii, changing the retail form from blac
The Pun Game Thread
This is simple. You post pun, everyone giggles, and then posts a next one. They can be about anything, but Klokreations ones are encouraged more. What if RomeAX never left the house? HomeAX
Learning Palace Blurt Game Giveaway! *usa only* Prize Details Winner will receive from Learning Palace a copy of the game called Blurt. Blurt is an award winning word-race game for ages 7+ and can be played with 3-12 players. Blurt is a great
Top 10: Best Plot Twists In Video Game History Part 1 (Spoilers Beware)!
#10. Chrono Trigger In Chrono Trigger early on in the game the antagonist is the magician Magus whom you try to stop from bending history to his will, but eventually you find out that in fact he is trying to save the world in his own way! The
My Pokémon Black game won't load on my 3DS!?
I keep getting an unable to read gamecard message,does anyone know why my system won't read the game
Mini game of Google for Halloween 2016
The Verge wrote:This is a really clever game. Players disperse the ghosts by drawing the symbol hovering over their heads: A V and inverted V, horizontal and vertical lines, and lightning bolts. Players draw a heart to replenish their lives. See more:
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