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Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey
Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey (1950) This is a PDF version of the 1950 book, "Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense", by Jack Dempsey. It is in the public domain. Jack Dempsey was one of the top 10 all tim
Lots more Boxing: Philly Jack O'Brien and Jack Johnson pdf's. 1928 1912, No instructions, but a bio of JOhnson's life and career.
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How good is a western fighting style instead of martial arts
I am trained in normal self defense and also have spent many years working on kick boxing along with adapting different things I have seen on the streets and while watching UFC. I have done some good with this, but wanted to know if there are other styles
Keysi Fighting Method and Krav Maga
The Keysi fighting style was developed from my understanding, in spain, 20 years ago by 2 men. This martial art is what they used for ALL of the Nolan Batman films! Ive been looking through a lot of top 10's and pro recommendations and The Keysi Fighting
Pac-Man Championship Edition wii to be released on wiiware?!
Pac man Championship edition wii version rumors are circulating all over the web right now! Hopefully these rumors are true!
All about Mangrove Jack
MANGROVE JACK/MANGROVE RED SNAPPER Mangrove Red Snapper (Lutjanus Argentimaculatus) atau di kalangan hobbis sering disebut dengan MJ/mangrove jack atau juga kakap bakau adalah sejenis ikan dari keluarga kakap-kakapan (lutjanidae) yang di temukan di
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Fighting styles
Krav Maga-is a very fast fighting style. VERY GOOD FOR DISSARMING! Keysi-Is so good... BATMAN USED IT IN "THE DARK KIGHT" Bartitsu-My favorite because it is VERY
About 10% Of Confrontations Go Sideways
When you're dealing with the public, the vast majority of your encounters will be harmless and safe, but confrontations are another matter. For the purposes of this post, a "confrontation" is an encounter where you deliberately make contact wit
Review: Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Editon (Wii U eshop)
Masked Champion! Gaucamelee is a Metroidvania style platformer with beat em' up elements and was developed by Drinkbox Games. The game has alot of potential and is critically acclaimed on other consoles so what did we think of this upgraded Super
Street Fighting Basics
As always, I welcome comments and healthy critiques. Cheers, ~HS. :>
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Help and advice for a Scotish crime fighting team
Hay everyone, Im working on forming a team of hero's in Edinburgh and fife in Scotland. i have not yet got my suit but i am at the stage of ordering all the stuff i need for it. Im thinking a full body morph suit custom made for my colours of course
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