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Bruce Lee's 20 Minute workout
Bruce Lee had a 20 minute workout he developed in the later years of his life. 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. so the muscles could rest and be worked again. the other days focused on either martial arts training or cardio. here's some videos explain wha
Review: Need For Speed Nitro (Wii Retail)
Need for Speed Nitro is the 14th game in the Need for Speed Series. It was developed by EA Montreal and published by EA. It was released on November 3rd 2009. Nitro is a Wii and DS exclusive, designed specifically for the casual gamer rather than
Review: Need for Speed: Undercover (Wii Retail)
Need for Speed Undercover is the 12th installment of the ever popular Need for Speed series. It was developed by EA Blackbox and published by EA. It was released on November 18th 2008 for all consoles and handhelds. Need for Speed Undercover takes
Scraping right through the bottom of the barrel
Can they get any more desperate than this? There is a Channel 4 Dispatch programme that is being aired tonight at 8pm. The programme is about President Bashir al- Assad of Syria and his wife Asma, who apparantly have duped the west. I can see
to control of speed execute in selenium rc
how can to control of speed execute in selenium rc ? because don't find of elements when is running...are there any parameters for line of command ? java -jar selenium-server.jar -port 4546 -htmlSuite -.......? *firefox
[IMPLEMENTED] Improve removing speed by prevent creating A LOT OF CMD.EXE processes
As we see in the picture, all the cmd.exe run for nothing (and creating one more conhost.exe), slowing down the removing process.  And we can start the process we really need to run (example: findstr.exe) by run it directly, and it will make the
The Need for Speed movie Check this out. Are you guys seeing this? They actually turned the series into a Movie. I dont care if its not out yet. I know this movie is going to suck.
how to set speed for my selenium test
Hi I am using selenium IDE for recording my application activity, its recording fine and i can playback what i recorded with setting the speed slow.I am running the test using selenium RC in command line using the following command. java -jar
bottom ADs
the bottom ADs make page problem when serving on mobile look at this
[Solved] [JavaScript] Add border top & bottom color
hi punBB community i want to ask.. can you give/add color for "border-top-color" and "border-bottom-color" according to the ranking, I want to replace my own special color (according to rank) i'am staff on my forum, and I want
make your forum widgets on top and bottom instead of right and left
i like to say there is a few things are not my idea the main Tutorial was made for phpbb2 and 3 but i have find out that its working on punbb and invision this why im sharing the idea the 1st thing you need to know its 1 of 2 way to use your widget
Taskbar at bottom of screen not working properly - Gateway/Vista
Last week, I had the same problem as everyone else when suddenly AVG considered my iTunes to be infected with a bug. I had shut my laptop down the night before, and then the next morning, when I booted up, I had all of these horrible infections, right?
[ANSWERED] Tweaks to improve speed and stability
Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad english  I am using the latest Winreducer 7.0 version (3.12) and there are some tweaks in the "Remover" - "Tweaks" section that theorically improves the speed and stability of the computer i
Would this help to speed up the removal process?
@Winter I noticed that you issue SETACL commands for each file/folder before removal. But!  how about giving the Administrators group FULL access to the WinSXS folder, before removal Code:SetACL.exe -on D:\Winreducer\.....\Windows\WinSxS -ot fil
[ANSWERED] Can't select removing speed
Hi guys, im using winreducer 8.1 1.06. I built a config and started removal process but i couldn't select high and highest options. This words seems dim and can't click dots. What is problem? Sorry for my english if i have mistakes.
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