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U.S. Embassy London Olympic Logo Contest *uk only* Prize Details The winning designer will receive a 250 GBP gift card to Westfield Mall and one of each item made for the U.S. Embassy that has their logo design on it. Contest Instructions
Need a Search Bar next to logo
Hello , I want to place a search bar next to my logo... What' the Html for it? And the css + adding background image here' the image
[video] WinReducer Logo Changer - v1.0.1.0 - Whats New 2 Min HD
WinReducer Logo Changer - v1.0.1.0 Code:whats new:     * Delete Logo bug Fixed.     * Added Languages.     * Added More Windows Logo.
[ANSWERED] How to change the Logo at Control Panel -> System
Need Some Help.... Awesome Software. need some help. how to edit or remove customized.... logo After installed. Added Silent installation softwares Not INstalled.... Thanks in addvance
Logo Please!
Type of creation : Logo Size of the image : Full Banner 468x60 Font color : I'll leave it up to you. Link to the font to be used : I'll leave it up to you. Text : The Admin Guild! Sub text : Background color :Blue Any special effects to be
Hover for logo
Here is a example of what I'm looking for.
Logo for my New forum
Hello, I would like to request the creation of a logo of the size equal to the logo must be transparent so that it fits with any background, will have to be contained the words: OBBIETTIVO
Logo for my forum
Hello, I'd like to request a logo for my forum. Colour of the text:#889DB7; Text:PC SEVERIN I want it to have a transparent background. Thanks
Logo for lestreghebuone
*All fields must be filled out in order to process the request Image type/Είδος Εικόνας: Logo Size(pxl)/Μέγεθος: Size Size this logo ( ) Colors/Χρώματα: transparent Link of your page/Σύνδεσμος της σελίδας σας:
Logo request
Request Type: logo Website: Desired Colors: transparent Size (In Pixels): N/A Image(s) to Include: Text: Preferred Font: Request Details: hello , I would like to make the logo that I have now , transparent , just that to me is
Logo modification
*All fields must be filled out in order to process the request Image type/Είδος Εικόνας: logo Size(pxl)/Μέγεθος: -- Colors/Χρώματα: -- Link of your page/Σύνδεσμος της σελίδας σας: Text or Image to include/Κείμενο ή Εικόνα
Logo & Navbar
Hello, it's me again. Hope you missed me I would like to know how to: - place my logo properly. - get rid of my site description where the logo should be UPD: Done. - center the navbar (links) UPD: Done. Thanks, Ange Bonus: Is it possible to
Astro logo
*All fields must be filled out in order to process the request Είδος Εικόνας/Image type: logo Μέγεθος/Size (pxl): your chose Χρώματα/Colors: transparent Σύνδεσμος σελίδας/Link of your page: Κείμενο ή Εικόνα που θα
Logo Percetakan
Minta saran dari para master nih, logo ini yang saya pake buat percetakan kecil kecilan saya. mohon di kritisi biar bisa lebih baik...
logo citra diri
logo citra diri     silahkan bra keritik dan sarannya  
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