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"it says things are locked could you help"

Update! Business or Greed: Shovel Knight Co-Op Is Locked Behind An Amiibo Paywall...
The Price of Amiibo's Existence? Yesterday at Pax 2015 Nindies @ Night presentation in Seattle Washington the rumoured Shovel Knight Amiibo was officially announced. The figure looks nice enough, but will be limited in quantity. Our staff member
Desktop Lock Express - has locked my computer
Need Help! This program called "Desktop Lock Express" has locked my computer and is asking for password. I do not remember installing this program. Looks like it is a virus/malware. On the side it says register or buy and the link does not work. This
Well things could have gone better....
I had an appointment with my neuros office today. Things have been horrible lately and I felt awful today. Had a bunch of very noisy kids in the waiting room and waited over 1/2 hour beyond my scheduled appointment to see the PA. At this point, just
So there are things we can do to improve our eyesight
4 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight By Dr. Maoshing Ni May 20, 2011 Send Share Print Health Experts Main 1. Eat for bright eyesight Protect your peepers with a vision-ary diet! Our eyes require multiple nutrients to function optimally. Start wit
Anybody else ever have embarrassing things happen during M's?
A few days ago, I woke up with a nasty migraine through the night. Immediately, had to throw up. I got out of bed as quickly as I could and ran for the toilet. I didn't make it quite quick enough and threw up a bit on myself a bit. As if that wasn't
Running Selenium on a Locked Machine as a Scheduled Task
Hello. I need Selenium to run as a scheduled task without the user being logged in. The problem is Selenium needs to run on windows unlocked to run properly. Is there a work around for this? Idea: Use VMWare to create a virtual machine. Have
Old Introduction Topic [Locked]
Yep. Love me hate me isolate me, you don't have to like my lies. Edit: This topic has become the ultimate introduction topic, eliminating the introduction forum entirely!
[SOLVED] .Wccf file locked/read only error
If it is locked or marked read only it causes this error Only way to fix it is unlock the file and then manually delete from home/software timezones.xml temp.xml loaded_temp.wccf Possible solution: 1) winreducer should copy the wccf and
Things Remembered Photo Contest *usa only* Contest Instructions Upload a high resolution photo and share the story behind it to be entered to win! Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in United States who are at least 18 years of
Can't get rid of Zperm Virus
Every day or so I was getting AVG messages alerting me of the Zperm virus. I always clicked the fix button, and assumed it would take care of it. Lately our computer has been really loud and slow. I got another message today that we still have the zperm
HauteLook/Stila Sweepstakes Prize Details Stila Cosmetics is returning to HauteLook and we couldn’t be more excited! The event begins at 8:00 AM Pacific on Thursday, August 4, 2011. In anticipation of the
All Things Zelda
This thread has been created for the discussion of anything generally related to The Legend of Zelda.
Why do things have to be so hard...
Life has just been harder than usual lately. Ever since my girls got into it (Abby had stitches in 4 places and a drain), they've been separated for their own safety. Which means that I've been switching dogs out of gated rooms and crates every 2-3
Ciraxis's gallery of things
hi Here's a gallery. Portraits Spoiler: Profile sprite. I also have an FEditor compatible version  that I'll link below it. Next one's kinda old, but it's supposed to be the RP character of a friend of mine. This sprite needs a lot
Things that make you go BLEH!
Having one of those moments where certain things just make me want to hurl! For instance, went over to that forum that shall not be named... And saw this damn sappy lovey dovey poem that's in three different freakin' posts there... I think it made me thro
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