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[IN PROGRESS] My forum toolbar doesn't appear
Hy @Ange Tuteur My forum toolbar doesnt appear on my forum index body when i login but appears on other pages when like profile, when viewing post, etc but when i logout i see the toolbar on my forum index body pls can you help
[SOLVED] Need code for statistics asa like as this forum
Hello, @Ange Tuteur can you share me the code of your forum statistics please? I want this type of statistics in my forum footer. What to do now?
[Hỏi đáp] Code của Avatar+Username
Tình hình là em có tự làm một cái toolbar gần giống devs (Em không rip đâu) Và em có một thắc mắc này là làm thế nào để làm cả cái username + avatar trên thanh toolbar vậy ạ Demo: Cảm ơn rất nhiều ạ !
[Hỏi đáp] Cách trang trí topic bằng bbcode như chèn background, border,...
Hỏi: Chắc nhiều người biết đến VNS, forum này có 1 cách trang trí topic bằng bbcode rất hay trong khi HTML đã tắt.VD như: Code:[COLOR="Sienna"][box=#DEB887|#DEB887|1|0|0|0] [margin=800][bgcolor2=transparent;
How to select all in codebox for phpbb2?
How to select all in codebox for phpbb2? Someone success with that? Please help me.
Are the Mariokart DS online servers still open?
I recently purchased a DS,and have been procrastinating whether I should buy MKDS,but I'll probably pass if its servers are closed.
Adding a second row under forum title & js code
So as you can see in the picture I want to have a - + for the forum so that when you click the - it hides and the + shows the forum... Also add another row under the forum title with labels of the columns. I just found this link for hide/show
[Hỏi đáp] xin code auto login cho chatbox ver phpbb3
Chatbox cập nhập nên không biết code nào để auto login chatbox :( nên ai biết share cho e với
Fun Online Games
Here's a game where you crash into someone with a bicycle and see how far you can get him to bounce. No blood - anime style graphics - totally ridiculous but somehow quite addictive. Nanaca Crash v1.06 The instructions are in Japanese (?), but best
Export IDE code to JUNIT4, edit and import back to IDE
Is it possible to export recorded code from IDE to JUNIT, do some modification eg. loop, or conditional statements, and import it back to IDE. I am not able to find any loop or conditional statement command, how can we use it. Regards, TurtleRock
[Hỏi đáp] Code hiệu ứng nick
Em thấy ở có hiệu ứng nick rất đẹp. Em nhớ code share rồi mà ko biết ở đâu! :v Em muốn làm hiệu ứng đó cho một cá nhân cụ thể + cho mem trong 1 team luôn! Chỉ em 2 cái luôn nha! Mong anh chị giúp em ạ! ^^
Testing In Progress
Administrator Rank- Checked
[IN PROGRESS] copy button
I would like to disable the copy button - paste on my forum on a JS so that users can not copy tutorial... You know codes ?
[IN PROGRESS] About Number Formating
i want to make the number of Topics and posts format like this Normal format is that: 8308 i need it like that: 8,308
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