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"i hope missing people choir and friends"

Incredible choir bound together by the heartache of their missing loved ones 21:12, 7 MAY 2016 UPDATED 21:12, 7 MAY 2016 BY GERALDINE MCKELVIE The choir is made up of people from all walks of life but they have one heartbreaking thing in
'We should never give up hope': 5 other missing-child stories with happy endings
My friends, this was taken from NBC News:
How do youe close friends (meaning relatives, significant others) deal with the migraine issues?
Hi All, I am very lucky to have several wonderful friends who are helpful during migraine. Helpful to the point that they take turns watching me when the fainting is particularly bad. But I realize I am lucky. How do your close friends, significant
Kate and Gerry McCann in fund-raising run for Missing People Kate and Gerry McCann join hundreds of runners on Clapham Common for Miles for Missing People
For friends old and new
Welcome to the Rats Whiskers. Please register and join in the fun. We love to share stories of our ratties antics and be there for each other when things are bad. We need friends who understand our love for our rattie babes. I hope you will find it to be
TIMES LIBEL - McCanns win £55,000 damages for 'disgraceful' behaviour by newspaper Gerry McCann attacks ‘disgraceful’ Sunday Times after £55k libel payout Payout follows allegations that couple deliberately hindered search fo
[SOLVED] ISO is not created. Windows setup folder is corrupted with 99% files missing!!
Hey Guys! This is WEIRD! I did all the things i wanted to do on WinReducer8.1, applied, and then ISO windows came asking to create iso or wim file, i selected iso & saved the iso in (MyPath)\WinReducer81\WORK\ISO. then a dialog came showing that
Searching for the missing in ireland
Hey guys can you share My sisters has sent me this. Paul's mum is a very good friend of my sisters boyfriends family he has been missing since
Are there any famous people from your hometown?
Some famous people from the town I live in are: John DeLorean Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, and several other Red Wings players Aretha Franklin Lee Iacocca Tara Lipinski Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Robin Williams
It's the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda
I received this article from one of my Seniors I tutor basic computers to. I am still pondering the article... What do you think? Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda By Chris Hedges, Truthdig. Posted
Any Hope?!
Hi, I'm new. Not new to migraines, but new here. I am a 28 year old female, mother of 2 toddlers. I have had migraines ever since I can remember, they have changed everything about my life, not in a positive way. Both if my parents suffered from
goddam discrimination against old people! already, for gosh sake!!!
y'all know i mess with my birthday on 'profile' for laughs, i put in a date, and then the year '1900'; the goddamn thing sez 'sorry. this forum does not accept members over 99 years old'....i shit you not. discrimination! that's what it is! so i
[SOLVED] snipping tool & sticky notes shortcut missing
hey winter, i realized that after using winreducer (i dont exactly know what component is causing it), the shortcuts at Start are missing. The *.exe files are still all present at system32, and when i start them everything works. EDIT: both
Famous HSPs
Here is a list of famous people who are believed to be HSP, according to Famous HSPs Can you think of any others to add to the list? Any on this list you disagree with?
Flowers for hope on Madeleine's birthday
happy birthday beautiful Madeleine, mummy, daddy, Sean, Amelie, loves you a lot, they are doing their best to find you, we are all here doing our best to find you, until the day you Madeleine McCann returns safe and sound to your home. God protect
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