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"I am sensitive to all medicines is that possible"

Sensitivity to Medications. Side effects.
I had wicked reactions to Topamax. Prednisone drives me bonkers. If a drug has the remote side effect to effect me emotionally it will. Most recently I'm finding it with tri-cyclic. I recently tried Doxepin. It worked wonders on the migraines but
Understanding the Highly Sensitive Man
Understanding the Highly Sensitive Man by Denmark Guy. I copied the text because the original article is also mixed in with a lot of ads for additional HSP books related to the topic, and it gets confusing as you don't realise there is more to the
Top Ten Myths About Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)
Top Ten Myths About Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) This is a very provocative article covering many aspects of the HSP experience and public perception
What does the "sensitive" in "highly sensitive person' really mean?
For many people, mostly non-HSPs, when I say that I am sensitive they think: too sensitive... perhaps wishy-washy, cry too much, touchy, take things too personally In other words, an entire range of predominantly negative things and for me, many of
Being terrified of tests (MRI, EEG)
My neuro wants an MRI and an EEG. I have panic disorder, which is making it hard to even consider doing these things. I know that I do need to get both done. With the MRI, I have panic problems and small spaces trigger that. I found an MRI place fairl
Article about new state restrictions on pain meds
Here is a link to an article about states tightening access to pain meds for chronic sufferers:
Sensitive to heat?
Hi everyone, My name is Alex. I was led here whilst doing some research on HSP. I've felt 'wrong' and 'different' through-out my life and had a complex one so far. I battled with extreme social anxiety and shyness at college which led me to research
The importance of ego for an HSP
When I refer to ego here, I just mean self belief. Why do you need that? Well. HSP's see fine nuances of things. Things we can't explain. New ideas. Things that challenge the establishment. Things that provoke and unnerve others. Without ego, we would pay
Am I too sensitive or intuitive to be a massage therapist?
Hi everyone, I am new on here. I never thought of myself as highly sensitive but I do know I have always been very intuitive and can feel others' emotions easily. I have been working as a massage therapist for 3 yrs and recently had an experience that
Discussions on what highly sensitive people are all about
I've gathered a list of threads from our board discussing hsp for newcomers to use. These will give you an idea about the experience of being hsp. Scroll down for more links as we continually add many good threads and
HSP Radio Podcast Interview with Elaine Aron
One of my local meetup group members found this one.
Net Neutrality
Some new rules were passed today, it is a start anyway.
Free imaginary diagnosis room
So since there's something wrong with everyone, let's start handing out free imaginary diagnosises. Post a comment, and get a free diagnosis, give a diagosis to the comment above yours. Rules: - It has to be a diagnosis that doesen't exist - It ha
Anyone looking for a penpal?
[i]Hey My name is Josefine, I'm 19 and I'm living in New York. One year ago I discovered that I'm a hsp. I would like to talk with other people about the life as an hsp, so I think this forum is a step in the right direction^^ I just really like to
Are you a high sensation seeking HSP? Spoiler:Are You a Sensation Seeker? A Self-Test Answer each question according to the way you feel. Answer true if it is at least somewhat true for you. Answer false if it is not very true or not at all true
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