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"i am not able to open website when i running selenium rc ..."

Selenium RC with Google Chrome on Windows server 2008
Hi Friends, Greetings to all... I want to run selenium scripts on Google chrome browser parallely with other browsers like IE. I could do it successfully with IE and Firefox. However, when selenium launches Google chrome, and opens the Window/URL
How to open new window or new tab in browser using Selenium IDE
How to open Page B in new window or using Tab in the browser.
Open link in new tab using Chrome driver and C#?
Hi everyone, I'm having a problem getting Selenium to act as though a link was clicked to open it up in a new tab, rather than in a new window which the link defaults to. I'm using the Chrome driver and C# in visual studio. I know that in chrome
using google chrome with selenium RC
Hi i have selenium RC server with me. i could launch IE and firefox using this but i need to launch safari and chrome as well. i am facing issue with this. kindly help Thanks
how to open a browser in selenium web driver
hi, how to open a browser in selenium web driver
Why Selenium-IDE cannot record the website that is running by Selenium-RC?
Hi All, I would like to know, Why Selenium-IDE cannot record the website that is running by Selenium-RC? ** I develop the Ruby script and run by Selenium-RC (it's work) then I record those by Selenium-IDE, it cannot record.*** Thanks, Chinda
Selenium Proxy Problem
Hi, I am trying a run a basic test case using selenium RC but no success It seems that there is a proxy problem bcoz our company has its internal proxy and selenium could not able to bypass that proxy. The moment it run using java
Multiple tabs opening using single browser
Hi How can we open multiple tabs and put the url in all the tabs invoked in webdriver selenium. Please Help
Has Anyone Gotten Chrome Driver to Work with Windows 7?
FireFox and IE run fine in windows 7 but Chrome is a continual problem. I was getting the Aw Shucks window but I installed the standalone Chrome for all users and updated to the most current ChromeDriver. Now it brings up a chrome window that is blank
python selenium - using chrome with extensions/ add ons
Hi Guys, i'm trying to automate the chrome browser to test using an extension. I've read this is possible by setting the option in chrome options heres the code I have : Code:from import
open every link in a new tab?
is it possible to make every link in my forum open in a new tab?
Selenium Webdriver running in IE browser
Will u send me the steps for running ide scripts in IE browser using Web driver. I ran IDE scripts in Firefox browser in Web driver, using Junit4. I have exported IDE code as junit/webdriver Please tell me the syntax for runing the same in IE
Running Selenium on a Locked Machine as a Scheduled Task
Hello. I need Selenium to run as a scheduled task without the user being logged in. The problem is Selenium needs to run on windows unlocked to run properly. Is there a work around for this? Idea: Use VMWare to create a virtual machine. Have
Selenium not able to open browser session
I am trying to get a Selenium Stand-Alone server running to test with NagiosXI. I am following the details in the "Integrating Selenium with Nagios XI" documentation. I am getting an error message which reads: INFO - Got result: Failed to start new
Paramaterization in Selenium using open office
Hi!! I am using Selenium web driver (java). Now i am trying to parameterize in selenium using open office. Does anyone know how to do ??? I Know how to do parameterization using Msoffice Excel. I ve searched lot about this,not yet get any
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