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"i am in usa from uk and have forgotten my medication can ..."

Non Medication Solutions?
Hi everyone. Can you please tell me what non-medication solutions you have found help your migraines? What tests have doctors run on your bloodwork? Vitamin levels? Hormone levels? Allergies? What results helped you? What vitamins do doctors
25 years ago Freedie Mercury left us but not forgotten RIP Freddie, you left us but the songs linger on. Two of my favorite songs below. Lamplighter
Take the medication early, but what about rebound/MOH?
But dont get rebound/MOH. How do you all discern this please. If I took medication as soon as I felt pain, I would be overdosing OTC and running out of Triptans by mid month. Also we are cautioned not to take anything more than 3 days a week because
Forced medication holiday and question for all parents
Hi All, Well, I have had a rough few days- the headache has been horrendous and the fainting has been scary. After I fainted on the stairs the second time, my mother decided that the medicine was causing all this. So, she took them. I am allowed a
On vacation and forgot my medication...blerg...
I turned 30 yesterday and we decided to go to the beach for a much needed long weekend. This morning I go to take my Lamictal and guess what? No Lamictal! I am positive it is sitting at home on the kitchen counter. The closest pharmacies are an hour and
Topamax with an ADHD medication
I have a question for all of you Topamax users out there. Have any of y'all ever tried using an adhd medication to off set some of the side effects of Topamax like the trouble concentrating? I have a client who is a therapist and she said that it not
Slow release pain medication not interfering with triptans...
Is there such medication that is not oxycontin, vico- or hydro- something that is a slow/extended release, can be taken with both Percocet and any triptan and has strength at least of 10- T3 (or 500mg/acetaminophen with 30mg/codeine) for a day? I
Over the Counter medication compared
Hi All, So I was in need of some new drugs and decided to do a search on-line to see what the internet had to offer.  Purely legal and over the counter, but the internet let's you look at many shops without loosing the shoe leather!  It was shocking
What pain medication works for you?
Feeling really frustrated..tried and re-tried so many pain meds..what works for you? Thanks , greeneyes
Medication holiday - any advice please
Hi. My doctor has insisted I take what he calls a chemical holiday in the New Year and is going to sign me off work for 2 weeks. I'm taking a triptan nearly every day and he's worried by it (so am I but I can't do without them). At the weekend I was
a huge vent after seeing a new neurologist.
dr. robbins, i'd love your opinion of this. i'll try to make it brief and as non-nasty as i can....... thought i'd try a new neuro; haven't seen one for 3 years or so. this one is relatively young. HE HAD HIS MIND MADE UP BEFORE HE EVEN SAID HELLO,
Please be careful with your medications.
Some friends of ours are at the Children's Hospital right now as their two year old son ingested a large amount of Synthroid, we're praying he will be alright, he was admitted yesterday and later sent home and they were told to watch for certain
Medication break/cold turkey update
I just thought I’d update you on how it’s been so far and thanks to those who gave me support at the beginning. In a word . . . HORRENDOUS. The first few days were a blur of the worst migraines ever accompanied by continuous nausea. Fortunately my
Withholding Pain Medications
Here is the latest ER blog on the withholding pain medications for the dying: Also, read the comments. Martin
Article about new state restrictions on pain meds
Here is a link to an article about states tightening access to pain meds for chronic sufferers:
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