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"i am having a hard time accepting my spouses health"

Spouses and Difficulty Accepting the Challenges of Chronic Migraines
I am seeking some guidance on how to help my Husband understand that my migraines are a disability and that me not working, not cleaning etc is not because I’m lazy but because I sick. I am sure that all of you chronic sufferers have had difficulties with
Me and my daughter are having a hard time..... Need advice
I need some advice as to me and my 14 and 18 year old daughters are not able to have a relationship.. I have been separated from my wife for about 2 years. Since the split I found someone that I could trust and rely on for advice and now that has turned
HSP Spouses
This article was linked to from Elain Aron's Newsletter: 8 Surprising Facts About Highly Sensitive Spouses The insights and advice here can apply to any kind o
Common migraine triggers
Sorry for editing this post so many times... I am reorganizing it into an informative... what are they called, oh yah... skickey. There are many migraine triggers depending on the migrainer. Migraines themselves may be variable in nature and specific
Health obsessions--another blog from Denmarkguy Saturday, December 22, 2012 HSPs and Health Worries-- More on Positive Framing My previous post "High Sensitivity is not an "Illness:" Framing our lives in a more
Health: Tetris May Be A Cure For Amblyopia!
An Hour of Gaming A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! In recent times, particularly with the controller and gameplay innovations of the DS and Wii era onwards, we've seen Nintendo consoles used for many medical studies and treatments, which is most
It's Time to Tab™ Video Contest It's Time to Tab™ Video Contest Start date: May, 02 2011 End date: July, 15 2011 Total awards: $15,000 Get started Materials Brief Upload Creative brief ABOUT THIS
Rare or hard to find Amiibos?
I can't find Marth or the Villager anywhere. Why hasn't Nintendo shipped more of these Amiibos to retailers yet?
How do I save programs on external hard drive?
I need to have more space on my pc and would like to put programs like Photoshop on an external hard drive. As you can tell by my question I'm new at this. THanks
Generate System Health Report In Windows
Generate System Health Report In Windows Windows Performance Monitor is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that provides tools for analyzing system performance. From a single console, you can monitor application and hardware performance in real
Adecco Hard Work Pays! Photo Contest
Time travel(control) with Dr. David Anderson on Art Bell
A quick 'n dirty copy and paste: Time Technology & Research Joining Art Bell for the entire 4-hour program, physicist Dr. David Anderson discussed the state of time technology from his research, as well as other labs around the world. He recappe
Using Webdriver java :Obtaining an OTP(Ont time Password) PIn from an registered email ID and use the value in an text box field of my Webapp URL.
Hi , I have started a project using Selenium 2 webdriver using java.In order for me to proceed with further process in the web application,i need to provide OTP password generated to my registered email ID everytime I login .I have a php file that obtain
apparently I 'try too hard'
As all of you have noticed, I'm pretty out there in terms of weirdness. That carries into real life, and most people that don't know me well take that as trying to be funny. For example, I like to do things strictly to entertain myself. Sounds like
Why do things have to be so hard...
Life has just been harder than usual lately. Ever since my girls got into it (Abby had stitches in 4 places and a drain), they've been separated for their own safety. Which means that I've been switching dogs out of gated rooms and crates every 2-3
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