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"I am getting depressed with my sons wedding loaoming"

Ordered dresses for son's wedding
I finally buckled down and ordered a couple dresses for my son's wedding. It will boil down to which one fits the best. My future DIL gave me carte blanche to get what I want so that made it
I'm on a (well to me) low dose of Topamax, and there is a side effect of depression. Do any of you take Topamax, and have had that side effect? I cannot tell if I get.. depressed?. I get weird side effects and I was just wondering if there was someone
Advice on definitely avoiding a migraine on my wedding day
I get a few migraines a month that i can normally get under control but a really nasty one every 3 months or so. I respond really well to triptans - say 80% of the time they work. If they don't I get spewy and I can't really take any meds, and can't
How you know you are at a hillbilly wedding reception
A wedding that I did a couple of weeks ago. I was never more glad to be done with a job. The bride was a very nice person and I was well paid, but let's just say OMG. I'm not going to post the main pictures here, but I know that not everyone has access
Today is our 39th Wedding Anniversary
And we should have been up north with my friend. You will know by now, I failed. My head was unrelenting. I have also pulled a muscle in my neck which is very painful. So here we are, no trip. That's 3 years now I havent been more than a half hour
Story Sons Of Silence MC
New Home, New Life:December 17, 2015. Pada sore hari, ketika sedang berjalan-jalan di daerah Los Santos, Kurt ingat bahwa dia masih mempunyai sisah sisah dendam, dan ia berniat untuk kembali dan membalaskan semua dendam itu, dan akhirnya dia merenung d
Sons Of Silence Skin Mod Pack
Golden Gamers Mod Sharing In Game Nickname: Kurt Anderson Your own name:  Andrey Jeremy Kotambunan Kind of Mod: SOS Families Skin Pack DISINI Your ScreenShots Skin original Check di SINI I responsible for what I have written above, I am willing
to all the wedding Competitors!
I wish you luck! the contest is ending soon and I really hope to hear how you guys did and if anyone won let us hear in the winners section! Also I hope that some of our members have other contests so I can still see you guys around. Best of
just tried Flunarizine and got depressed now fed up.
I have just tried the last few months to be as normal as I can, taking flunarizine and trying to get back to work by volunteering. But this week I realised I was getting more and more depressed and shakey, and it was noticeable, so I didn't go in case
Finally! My son's wedding dance with his new wife! Video
If for some reason you need a password to view this it is: 4Jim2Andrea This was at my son's wedding in June. Stay with it longer than the first 15 seconds. Yes, my son very much has my personality... At the end of the dance that is me first
Crate and Barrel's wedding contest - winners
I was announced by email. The winners are Stephanie and Michael, our forum members. Here is the link on C&B site announcing the winners: I am very glad for
How to survive a 3 day hockey tournament
As I am getting the kids packed , the hockey gear accounted for, phoning to confirm reservations, I am getting that little tingle in the back of my head. UGH!!! Keep for fingers crossed for me that 4 games, team bowling party, team dinner, and staying a
bennett rebuttal to Carter Ruck
Tony Bennett Today at 10:55 pm The first part of the Carter-Ruck letter today demanded the removal of 21 articles, letters or other document from our website, partial removal of another article, and amendments to our Home Page. The Madeleine Foundatio
And the verdict on the Mother/Son Wedding dance song is....
BLUE SKIES by Ella Fitzgerald. I love it because it gives me a chance to swing dance. Hubby doesn't know how and son does. My future DIL is being kind enough to edit out some of the two minutes of scat because I'm old, fat, have a bad back, and just
DAVE MAHON CHARGED WITH MURDERING DEAN FITZPATRICK, BROTHER OF MISSING AMY Stepfather arrested over murder of Amy's brother Missing teen's mum devastated by stabbing David Mahon CORMAC MCQUINN, TOM BRADY AND PAUL
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