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How do youe close friends (meaning relatives, significant others) deal with the migraine issues?
Hi All, I am very lucky to have several wonderful friends who are helpful during migraine. Helpful to the point that they take turns watching me when the fainting is particularly bad. But I realize I am lucky. How do your close friends, significant
For friends old and new
Welcome to the Rats Whiskers. Please register and join in the fun. We love to share stories of our ratties antics and be there for each other when things are bad. We need friends who understand our love for our rattie babes. I hope you will find it to be
Pain in back of my head.
In some ways this is worse than migraine because nothing helps. It hits hard and backs off some and then hits again. It is under the occipital, but goes up to the back of my head and down to my neck. It feels like something is dragging the back of my
Tigerdirect Back to school sweepstakes. this is to 2 sweeps one is a galaxy tab which one is every day.
Back Ache??
I'm having some achy pains in my lower back. Someone mentioned ulcers, and how the pain can be felt in the back. I don't remember who. I'm concerned because I have been taking some excedrin everyday for about the last 2 weeks, which is new for me, and
hello friends
hi friends my name is erik i'm new here hope i learn something guys 
From Lamplighter and family, human and furry
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No No Artists B
Bakanekonei @ DeviantArt Barbara Anne Williams Barbara Lanza Barbie™©Mattel... -or- Barney &
I Hope - Missing People Choir and Friends
My friends, take a look at:
Laid-Back Monthly Photo Contest *Canada and usa only* Prize Details Each monthly winner will receive the following: One (1) Laid-Back t-shirt One (1) Laid-Back Koozie One (1) Laid-Back Die-Cut sticker Contest Instructions Entering is
Selenium and back end testing
HI all, To how much extend can I use Selenium for backend unit testing?
Hello Friends
Hello everyone, I'm Meghraj Baria..... I love forumotion and Web Artz "I know i will have a good time here "
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Im back ! A message and an announcement from Jnes5 !
Hello everyone ! a few weeks back I've said that I was going to take a break due to some things such as me having some trouble with my new glasses and such, but now I'm here to tell you all that I'm fine, not great but well enough to keep going ! I got
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