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"i alway feel a pulling in my eyes"

Eye pulling sensation, anyone get this?
hi all, Just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this eye pulling sensation? I get it inbetween migraine episodes, its worse when I'm looking at the pc screen, or when I close my eyes to go to sleep. Its hard to describe its kinda like a
Eye exam with huge migraine after dilating of eyes
Has anyone else had this problem when they got their eyes examed to get their glasses? My appointment went fine until she put the drops in to dilate my eyes. Not long afterwards I started feeling a migraine coming on and getting sick to my stomach. My
Migraine after eye exam?
I keep meaning to ask this question and then forget, so while it's in my head here it goes. You know how when you have an eye exam they dilate (spelling?) your eyes with those drops? Well I had that done a few years ago and within an hour after that I ha
Black Widow and Hawkeye vs Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
Premise: Following the events of G Joe Retaliation and Avengers Age of Ultron, GI Joe has been contracted by the government to bring these two avengers in for questioning involving the events of ultron and any inside information they may provide. They hav
Migraines ever feel like coming down with the flu?
My insurance company suddenly cut off, without warning, the preventative I've been using for the last 6-7 years. I didn't find out about it until I tried to refill my prescription. My doctor and I are in the letter writing mode trying to get them to
eye/ cluster headache won't go away- help
Hi All, This morning, I got a pretty bad cluster headache around my left eye. I put some ice on it and that helped for a while- it dulled and went away. Well, early this afternoon, the eye headache came back- nothing helped- ice, medicine, I finally
How guys feel when they are in love
Do migraines ever scare you or make you feel "shocky"
Hi All, Ok, So I have had a wicked migraine for about a week or so now. The pain level drops to 9 with meds, it is a 9.5 without them. I also faint more when I have migraines. I had quite a scare this morning. I was going upstairs to get something
having eyes dilated
I've noticed over the years that when I have a visual check & they dilate my pupils I feel nauseous for a few minutes. The dilation drops are epinephrine free. Does anyone else experience this?
Who Has the Prettiest Eyes?
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Eyes watching you code.
Where do I add this code? Code:<script language="JavaScript"> //Watching Eyes script- By Kurt ( //Script featured on Dynamic Drive //Visit for this script and
How to parameterize with "today's date" with IDE
Hello, Is it possible to use JS to pull in today's date (or today +10 days)? We have been using parametrization successfully, but I'd like to have it execute code to generate those dates vs. modifying the file each time. Currently, it just pulls
Anyone feel they're being punished?
This may sound crazy, but I often feel that, when I have a migraine and I am in agony, and vomiting, that God is punishing me for something! I cannot understand why I would suffer this degree of agony! Over and over again, year after start
Whenever you feel embarrassed for saying something stupid . . .
. . . read some of these and be reminded of all the people who have said much worse.
strange reaction since botox feel torn about another try.
hi everyone. You may or may not have noticed I haven't been on the board lately. This is why. Just over a month ago I had botox for migraine done by my neurologist. I was in the middle of a migraine when I had it done and the pain went through me
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