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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Won't Install
Have a 64 Bit Windows 7 and the Service Pack 1 won't install. I hear there are some problem with updating from a 64 bit computer.
[SOLVED] KB3000850 fails to be installed through Windows Update (x64 Professional)
A few updates appear after installation, but most of them can be installed with the exception of KB3000850. It fails to properly install.
My Laptop wont even let me sign In!
Okay i think this is probably serious problem, seeing as i cant do much. Last night i had norton antiviru 2010 security running on my computer, So i thought everything was protected. I ran a whole system scan and fell asleep. I wake laptop is
My iPod won't sync! [solved]
I've tried everything but my iPod [NOT iTouch - Don't give me iTouch tips. I'll count those as spam.] won't sync to my computer! I've tried resetting my iPod, restarting my computer, hooking up the iPod when iTunes wasn't open. All the iPod does is
My Pokémon Black game won't load on my 3DS!?
I keep getting an unable to read gamecard message,does anyone know why my system won't read the game
[ANSWERED]Help with install.wim
Hi! I need help I have a problem using Winreducer and integrate .NET Framework 8.1 It turns out that after I can not open the install.wim file with 7z to see the files to open the install.wim file with 7z I get this error (in spanish): In its
Reduce a Sysprep image of a Windows 8 install from a VHD (Virtual Hard-Drive)
How to Sysprep a VirtualBox/VMWare install of Windows 8 and Capture it with Imagex to a new install.wim file so that you can use WinReducer to slim it down. The purpose of this is that you can reuse the same image over and over again, with all the
.net 3.5 & WMC installed offline mode
1) The ability to have 3.5/3.0/2.0 installed 2) The ability to integrate WMC as well,  based off the 2nd part of this 1st
Size of Install.wim and rebuilding WIM
Hi! I am here new, but as a moder (or likely customzation ), I have some experience (I think ). I have moded Vista SP2 (but noobish), 7 SP1 (it was good but with one, two fails), and now I want to mod 8.1. I see this great tool - Winreducer 8.1
Installing Windows in UEFI mode
Hey folks, while reading the net I noticed, at a lot of people do install their Windows wrongish. Not that it does not work, but they are not exhausting all the new features Windows 8 and UEFI have to offer. Why does this happen? First modern Bios
[ANSWERED] Winreducer Install problem
Hello all, I'm new here and i'm trying to install winreducer 8.1 and can't seem to be able to install the ImageX and  oscdimg softwares, with the software detection. I click on the names it tells me to please wait... and after a few (5-10 sec) seconds
Windows could not collect information for [OSImage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does not exist
Hi, May I know how to use this converter correctly? I always get the below error (during installation of newly created ESD ISO in virtualbox) after converting Windows 7 SP1 x64 ISO(install.wim) to ESD ISO. "Windows could not collect information
Silent Install, Silent Switches?
Greetings to all, I've created a custom WPI Install (not the Windows Post Install Wizard going around the net), and all Is going great. I do however, wish to create a Silent Install for a number of applications via Winreducer 8. What switches do I
Football manager 2009 wont run!
Hello, im having trouble running my football manager 2009 game that i downloaded. It used to work but i havnt played it in a while and when i tried to play it again it wouldnt run. When i click the exe. file the message below comes up. Any ideas :S?
How to install Selenium RC
I am new to this tool and also not a techie. But can understand things if explained in plain language. Anyways I went to download page of Selenium RC and downloaded file "selenium-server-standalone-2.0b2.jar". Copied it to C: and then ran below
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