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Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition (Wii Retail)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition is the Wii port of Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the 360/PS3. It was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released on Nov 11th 2009. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the first game in
Multiple tabs opening using single browser
Hi How can we open multiple tabs and put the url in all the tabs invoked in webdriver selenium. Please Help
Multiple users login
I have created around 100 users and I want to login all the 100 users at same time Is it posible using selenium IDE , ad on for firefox ? How can I install Selenium in my firefox 6 ? If its not possible using selenium IDE what
calling externalinterface function using falshselenium
Hi All, I tried the colors.html example,which calls the external interface registered using flashselenium. 1. flashApp = new FlashSelenium(selenium, "clickcolors"); 2. assertEquals(GREEN,
Howls of rage from haters as McCanns sue Times The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are suing the Sunday Times newspaper for libel over claims printed in 2013. Kate and Gerry McCann began lega
how run multiple tests in junit?
Hi All, i successfully run one script and it generated reports...but i did not understand hwo to run multiple run -test where i need to modify..please tell me...
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we sell voip mobile dialer reseller such as Alpha mobile dialer,,,Skynet dialer,,ZIP mobile dialer for ksa,lebanon,qatar,maldives,,libya,,isreal,,dubai and other country.. plz contzct for reseller 008801711302461
How to test single page application (java) with selenium
Hi   Currently I am working on a single page application, which is developed using AngularJS.   It is a questionnaire about a house inspection.   Where investigators visit the house and enter the results. Section 1:  questions about the Basic
TIMES LIBEL - McCanns win £55,000 damages for 'disgraceful' behaviour by newspaper Gerry McCann attacks ‘disgraceful’ Sunday Times after £55k libel payout Payout follows allegations that couple deliberately hindered search fo
Multiple small strokes
I went for my followup appointment to my new neurologist today (I just moved from IA to FL). I had an MRI, MRA, carotid doppler, blood tests, etc. I expected him to tell me the same thing as all the other docs in the past have said, it JUST migraines.
Sunday Times apologises to Kate and Gerry McCann over efits false allegation
Kate and Gerry McCann and Madeleine's Fund The Sunday Times Published: 28 December 2013 In articles dated October 23 ("Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years" and "Investigators had E-Fits five years ago", News) we referred to efits
How to handle multiple tabs ?
Hi All, I need help to handle multiple tabs in single browser. Pls could anyone post the code or give me some suggestions. Thanks, Syam.
[Hỏi đáp] xin code auto login cho chatbox ver phpbb3
Chatbox cập nhập nên không biết code nào để auto login chatbox :( nên ai biết share cho e với
Multiple Button issue
Hi I am using selenium testing using Firefox. I am executing the application using the selenium IDE. Through selenium IDE, i am able to login and move to the corresponding screen. There are 4 buttons on my screen, when I invoke through selenium to clic
GSM Terminal 8 Ports For Call Termination
We would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturing company for GSM Wireless Local Loop Products, recently, we have the GSM terminal which use for call termination This product is a GSM to Analog Converter. Once you insert a GSM Chip, the devic
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