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Are there any famous people from your hometown?
Some famous people from the town I live in are: John DeLorean Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, and several other Red Wings players Aretha Franklin Lee Iacocca Tara Lipinski Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Robin Williams
It's the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda
I received this article from one of my Seniors I tutor basic computers to. I am still pondering the article... What do you think? Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda By Chris Hedges, Truthdig. Posted
goddam discrimination against old people! already, for gosh sake!!!
y'all know i mess with my birthday on 'profile' for laughs, i put in a date, and then the year '1900'; the goddamn thing sez 'sorry. this forum does not accept members over 99 years old'....i shit you not. discrimination! that's what it is! so i
Famous HSPs
Here is a list of famous people who are believed to be HSP, according to Famous HSPs Can you think of any others to add to the list? Any on this list you disagree with?
People ganging up on others
What is the deal with jerks enjoying ganging up on somebody on some web sites?
people comparing their problems to yours
Have you ever had people try and compare their problems(or others) to yours. Like somehow they think that yours are so trivial compared to theirs or that your "stuff" doesn`t count but their problems do matter. I`m not talking about problems tha
French had a vision to vanished the People of Indochina
Cov duab no yog Kzkz muab Fabki teb tuaj, nov yog xyoo 1906/08 nyob rau Tebchaws Blog. cov neeg no tseem tab tom nyob ntawm lub kaws muaj khoom. Muaj cov blog thiab cov hmoob nyob rau ntawm no. Tsi tag li Fabkis tuaj quab nyuam peb tej pej xeem hmoob los
Einstein was even smarter than people think...
In the current scientific world it seems to be common practice to try to belittle Einstein and try to prove him wrong, but the results of an epic NASA experiment just released prove that he was smarter than he has been given credit for...remember that his
Why do so many people have blind, unconditional trust in leaders?
I've seen this happen in every level of leadership ranging from group leader of a few people working on a project to heads of state. Any ideas on why this happens?
How do people bond?
I was wondering this lately. How do people really bond? I don't mean striking up a conversation when they happen to meet, and saying hi in passing. I mean developing a close friendship that makes you seek each other out on days you wouldn't normally meet.
How to handle a overly-"helpful" acquaintance
A customer where I work noticed the other day that my eye was drooping and I was in obvious distress. When he asked I simply said "I suffer from chronic migraines". He is invading my life. He walked into my office the other day, started
How to deal with homeless people
Hello again, heros and heroins I have returned (temporaroly) For advice. I would like to start off with a story. Not to long ago I started a new job as a security gaurd...for burgerking (I know right? XD ) Now my wonderful town of..well you dont need to
Choices and the "Chaotic" People in Our Lives
Denmark Guy posted another article: HSPs, Choices and the "Chaotic" People in Our Lives . At the bottom, he asks some questions that might be worth exploring here. What do YOU think? Do you often feel like you're surrounded by people who
highly INsensitive person (HIP) board usernames
On HSP boards, most of the usernames have either natural, spiritual, or new-agey undertones. What would some usernames be on a HIP (highly insensitive person) board? Bootstomper? Psychoscreamer? Birdshooter? Fluffykittymuncher?
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