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how can call this class "x-window-header x-window-header-noborder x-unselectable x-window-draggable" from webdriver
<div class="x-window-header x-window-header-noborder x-unselectable x-window-draggable" id="ext-gen588" style="-webkit-user-select: none; "><div class="x-tool x-tool-close"
[SOLVED] Bad Pool Header error
I'm using Windows 8.1 to create a customized Win 8.1 iso.  I'm able to choose all my options in Winreducer.  Once I hit finalize, the app goes through all the items and then crashes the whole system once it reaches the finalization process.  I get a BSOD
Rounded header
Is there a code to make a rounded boarder on the headers
Header: Forumotion links removed
Hello fmcodes please, let us know what you think about the new header under this topic Thanks to credits we removed forumotion links (copyrights) for a month; we just want to know if you enjoy this decision Thanks for your feedback! Have a
The header image keeps going invisible.
Dunno why , but the header of my forum's always kept going invisible , then visible again after a day and so. You can have a look , either the header or the footer image used to keep going invisible everyday , can someone
Header Help
Hi All! I need some help with my header and nav for a new site I'm working on. I have designed this... and would like to use it on a foumotion foum can it be done by templates and CSS? Thanks, Rob
problem with widget in the header not appear
you give me the code for adding the widget in the header but if i choose the widget with no table type the widget not appear ?
[SUGGESTION] Choose header
My suggestion is to create a tool where users can choose as header as they want in the forum. As the selector of themes (modifying colors). Example: Click the camera icon on the right-upper side.
Click not working on header link for drop down in footer
I am trying to test a footer that has a topic link which produces a drop down of links.   The click for the topic is not working so the drop down links never become visible.  I have tried, finding the element by xpath, linkText and using the Javascript
[HTML] Dropdown menu list (Mouse hover)
Tutorial: Dropdown menu list This tutorial will allow you to create a fancy drop-down menu list for your link in header. --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Dropdown menu list 1º - Javascript Placement: All
how to hide the Navbar on forumotion
how can do this am using phbb2 for now an would also like to know how it is done on punbb version also Please an thanks
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