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Can't turn off predictive text on HTC One!
I've just got a HTC One and i really cannot figure out how you turn OFF predictive text. If i go into Settings > Language and Keyboard > HTC Sense Input > Advanced, under the heading Prediction Preference, the Word Prediction option is selected by defaul
How to animals sense emotion?
This is the second time our new kitty has done this. I was upset last night over Robert's tests and was crying. So this morning she woke me up by depositing a dead baby bunny on the bed next to me. She was quite proud of herself. She did the same
insert text in a text box of the console
hi, i am a beginner, just started to explore the Selenium IDE. In my first trial, i tried to run against a web page that has a username/passwd text boxes that need to be filled before logging in further. Now, through the selenium IDE, how can i insert
How to verify text at specific location.
Hi, Verify test is most important aspect of any testing. But sometimes we have to want verify text at specific location not in whole page. For this use following command: storeText | Location of your text | variable name Now you have got the
[ANSWERED] Update installation after deploying image including the updates
Dear community and winterstorm, I have created a custom Windows 8.1 Pro x64 image including all current updates from catalog 2015.10. After deploying this image to a laptop I had to download another 98 updates which were previously downloaded by
Selenium installation problems
Hi, I am having issues on Firefox 9.0.1 installing Selenium from the downloads page. When clicking on a download link for Selenium IDE, I get the error: null could not be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file. When clicking on the
[ANSWERED] What version of Windows 8.1?
Hi, I have an update version of windows 8.1, but I got this message: "You are trying to use an unsupported Windows 8.1 Upgrade DVD". Then I download a version AllInOne of Windows and give me this message: "You are trying to use an
Instability with both Windows 10 Version 1607 OS build 14393.447 and Version 1511 build 10586.164
If you remember reading my post from a couple of weeks ago /t1935-happy-times-are-here-again where I said I was off and running to test the newest version of WREX100.  And I have run into more headaches and one of them I came here to see if anyone has eve
people comparing their problems to yours
Have you ever had people try and compare their problems(or others) to yours. Like somehow they think that yours are so trivial compared to theirs or that your "stuff" doesn`t count but their problems do matter. I`m not talking about problems tha
Unable to enter text into the Code mirro text box
Hi, Am not able to enter the text into the mirror text box. below is the code that am using:                      
Testosterone and neurological problems
From my own experiments Im seeing a connection between testosterone levels and neurological problems. Im a 46 yr male, migraine sufferer for 30 years, and I've also burnt out twice from working too hard in the computer business, requiring months of
Sixth Sense
After all the bashing ("unfairly" I might add) of a recent post, I thought I'd start a new one along the same vein. # # # I believe sixth sense, psychic signals, whatever you want to call them, are an important part of not only self
How to capture the alert message in Selenium IDE
I am stuck with capturing the alert message. The Scenario is: I have a form with input fields like CaseType(listbox), Lab(listbox), LastName(txtbox), FirstName(txtbox)... along with couple of other fields as well. After entering all the fields,
Sense of Pain
Do you feel that being in constant pain in a way can skew how you perceive your pain after a while? Its hard for me to think of a way to ask the question, let me explain how it happens to me... I will hurt and hurt and hurt. And some days it is wors
New here--Kidney problems after taking Relpax?
I've been struggling w/ migraines now for almost 10 years. I've tried every triptan there is, and they do work, but after I take them my kidneys always hurt. I have tried asking my neurologist about this but she says she has never heard of this happening
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