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status migrainosus or vestibular migraine?
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and while I have had migraines on and off due to neck pain previously, I am just starting my second bout of what the neurologist is calling status migrainosus. I struggle to grasp how it can be that, because although I had a
status update
Description:hi sir how to add status update :  how to make it same in my forum sir >? Information:Forum:www.pixibotz.comVersion:PUNBBType:Errors in codeTags:status,update
status migrainosis
This is my first time in a forum like this and I don't quite know what I am doing, but I am pretty desperate at this point. I am 63 and have had migraines since I was 6 or so. It is familial, apparently plaguing in the women in my lineage. My migraines
[Raavein] Status: Semi-Available
Status: Semi Available Moderator I am Central/CT time zone, +2 hours if you are PST, -1 hour if you are EST. You can contact me the following ways: IMVU: Raavein Canvas: Raavein I typically reply within a couple of hours. Best thing to d
[Pantone] Status: SEMI-HIATUS (until 2/17)
This is my update thread! I will be posting replies and changing the title, to let ya'll know what I'm doing and if I am available to help! My Roles: Administrator, Social Staff My Contact Info Kik
[Archived] How to add this status update to my forum?
Description:Hello, how would I add this to my forum. I know there is a link to it BUT: It's no help at all in my mind. Please tell me a code or some way to get status updates like this and how to add
Club Nintendo Platinum and Gold Status rewards are here.
Written by KingreX32 Their Here Its here that time of the year when Nintendo releases their Club Nintendo Rewards for Gold and Platinum members. As always the rewards are rare collectible items not found anywhere else. This year there are eight
Unable to identify the dynamic object(check box, drop down box,Pop-up window and status image)
Unable to identify the dynamic object(check box, drop down box,Pop-up window and status image) Hi, I generated the test cases successfully but while executing am getting problem because Selenium IDE Unable to identify the dynamic object(button, check
Delete the option "Hide my online status"
Delete the option "Hide my online status"With the following code, you'll be able to delete the option "Hide my online status" Installation of the code. PHPBB3 - INVISION and PUNBB ONLY DemoCodeYou have to reply to this topic to see the code (avoid
Help it keeps saying insert the "Status" disk and click ok.
I am not sure if this began when I down loaded the trial version of ms office or what, but I tried to uninstall everything and it won't go away. I have rebooted so many times and tried system restore back several days ago and it still comes back. I am
The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves review (3DS eShop)
Another wave to ride In 2012, while some people were preparing for the apocalypse, most gamers were enjoying another year of video games. During that year, the first game in a new series called “The Denpa Men” was released. This series had a very
[SOLVED] WinReducer Registry Integrator BUG ?!
[ltr]Use the latest version of WinReducer (10 august). If you do not use the Registry option set top box, normal flow and quick installation. If you use the Registry System Integrator installation is very hard, the Welcome Screen I sit about 20
Social Engineering Tutorial
I was torn as to whether I should start with this or with some tech tips on optimizing your box. This, I feel is better because you can use it day to day and it is very useful in dealing with conflicts. (This is my primary weapon outside of the element of
[PENDING] Analyze and clean up the Component Store (WinSxS folder) in an offline Windows image
Hi winter. Have you seen this parameter for DISM in Windows 8.1? /StartComponentCleanup The StartComponentCleanup task was created in Windows 8 to regularly clean up components automatically when the system is not in use. This task is set to run
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