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Triptans How many are you allowed?
It seems the guidance on these things is different, not just from country to country, but from neuro to neuro and GP to GP. Makes a bit of a mockery of the...not more than 6.....not more than 10. How many are you all allowed please? Is it enough? Do
Did anyone get any Suprise Guests on their Streetpass Mii plaza like Nintendo mentioned?
I am a bit curious since I don't know anyone who has obtained one
Background on topics
Hey guys ! So i have a black,red,white forum but i think the background on topics isnt good. So i have used this hitskin before but i really want the background of the topic. Is this possible to be shared? Thanks !
[Solved] Recent Topics Code
Hi, I was wondering how to make a recent topics widget like the one on this forum because it looks really cool. Regards, Ultron
Green Fever open air open road sweepstakes
Prize. 45,000 ultimate Belgard Hardscapes outdoor patio makeover including a Z Trak Mower or a brand new Airstream Trailer Plus get a chance to win one of 50 ipads. To enter visit your local john deere dealer or see the official rules for a mai
Tekken Producer - Nintendo Collab Allowed For Exclusive Features
WiiU version of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will feature some neat exclusives according to Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada. The collaboration with Nintendo has allowed for WiiU exclusive features such as the "Mega Mushroom". "That’s
redirecting of internet windows and boot trouble if allowed to hybernate/sleep
Hopefully I have read all the newbie info and have done all the steps required to start this process. I used the "click here" link to post this at the bottom of the read me first section, so I don't see how to drop it in the correct forum from here.....
[TUTs] Auto Post - Công cụ tự động post bài
Auto Post - Công cụ tự động post bài Giới Thiệu Auto Post là một công cụ tự động post bài. Được phát triển bởi @markai30. Với công cụ này, các forum với nguồn tài nguyên thiếu hụt. Chẳng mấy chốc các bạn sẽ có những bài viết, những tin tức chất lượng
How to open new window or new tab in browser using Selenium IDE
How to open Page B in new window or using Tab in the browser.
[phpbb3] Like system that shows who liked a post
The content in this test is experimental, and all instructions SHOULD be READ and FOLLOWED. Failure to do so may cause unwanted side effects. USE WITH CAUTION !! As many people want a like system to show who liked posts, I'll give you the chance to tes
When I open a new window,it raise error time out in firefox .
Hi, When I open another window, raise time out error . I think may be I should use another command to open a new window , but I don't know it. I user firefox. Please help me. Thank you!
[ANSWERED] Integrating win7 x64 post sp1 updates + ie11 problem
Hi  What software or tool would you suggest getting all of the windows 7 post sp1 updates ? I currently use WinToolkit_1.5.3.10 -- aphawave downloder to get all updates + ie11 However, after doing all the integration of all
Shortcut to run test case with selenium ide
Hi, I would like to run a test case without the interface of selenium ide. Any ideas ? And more, I would like to create a toolbar with buttons to run most current test case, by developping an extension of firefox. So the question is how to
$this->open() OR $this->selenium->open() ???
Hi, in my tests i found 2 different ways to test: 1) require_once 'Testing/Selenium.php'; require_once 'PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php'; $this->selenium = new Testing_Selenium("*firefox",
Work on already opened web browser
Hi, I am new to selenium, and learned that to work on any object of browser I got code something like this : WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); String urlgo = new String(); urlgo =
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