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What will be Gonzo's next excuse to delay his libel trial?
He's going to have to come up with something creative, as he's used 'surgery' twice now. He can't use Swine Flu, and he can't use 'living too far away from the court'. I know! Moita Flores has just lost an election and I need a couple of weeks to
What will be Gonzo's latest excuse to delay his libel trial?
Will he use his old favourite again - I've got a new lawyer and he isn't up to speed yet? Or will he use something more creative? - My landlady's neice's goldfish died and I have to help her with her grief?
Gonc 'Libel Trial' News - The Begging Bowls Are Officially Out **
Rumours started flying round Hateland that, at last, Gonc was going to get the chance to show the Ace up his Sleeve in court because of these tweets, wanting money for him: But panic shortly started spreading - looks like they had another attack of
Gonzo on trial - Day Six
Ellen Branagh ‏@ellenbranagh_PA 3h Greetings from Portugal - in Lisbon today for the McCann's libel case against former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral #McCann Ellen Branagh ‏@ellenbranagh_PA 3h Gerry McCann returns today in the hope that he
gonçalo amaral in trouble *UPDATE - LIBEL TRIAL POSTPONED*
The lawyer of Goncalo Amaral - Dr Cabrita - has renounced to represent him on all the procedures! The Beast of Portimao has NO lawyer now!.
This has appeared on the moribund Morais blog: McCann libel trial hearings to start in February 2012 11 OCTOBER 2011 | POSTED BY ASTRO LEAVE A COMMENT The
Jillslaw Jill Pre trial arrangements underway, no date yet set for Iibel trial #McCann vs Amaral. Rumours re mid September are untrue. Nope, I don't know anything else. Maybe I should make some stuff up, like the haters do? It is being suggested
Libel trial postponed by Gonc
Here's the excuse they have taken so long to come up with, according to Hasta la pasta: September 8, 2012 Madeleine McCann Case - postponed the hearing on 13 and 14 September It has requested the
Gonzo fan club hold Stupid Contest over Wayback
We have a winner, folks! Louise ‏@siamesey  3h3 hours ago @_DarkMavis @PhilipIndigo I will bet the house #McCann PURCHASED @missingpeople back in 07 to launder $$$. #FRAUD
TRiAL-RUNS WREX100.v0.4.0.0 ~> v0.4.3.0
Hi,  i've run test (TRiAL-RUN) WinReducer EX-100 v0.4.0.0 ~> v0.4.3.0 as a follow:  Working PC Description:• Processor  : Athlon II X4 630 2.8 GHz • Mainboard  : BiOSTAR TA 785G3-HD • Monitor    : ACER X163W (16") • Memory     : 2 GB Elixir PC1066 DDR
Gerry McCann to attend Amaral's trial
Jerry Lawton ‏@JerryLawton 1m Gerry #McCann hopes to appear as witness at libel trial of Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral tomorrow Can't wait.   
TIMES LIBEL - McCanns win £55,000 damages for 'disgraceful' behaviour by newspaper Gerry McCann attacks ‘disgraceful’ Sunday Times after £55k libel payout Payout follows allegations that couple deliberately hindered search fo
Italian PM Renzi loses key referendum, exit polls say Italian PM Renzi loses key referendum, exit polls say 22:10, UK, Sunday 04 December 2016 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share by
Gonzo tells flat-out lies on CartofMuck TV
I am not repeating all of the oaf's lies and gibbers. Just some of the worst. Anchor: Gonçalo Amaral, is there any cause-effect relation between the fact that these searches, these excavations started shortly after Madeleine McCann was officially
Star story - Gonzo could stall court for FIVE YEARS McCanns face five-year wait in libel trial KATE and Gerry McCann’s battle to sue a disgraced ex-police chief for £1million in libel damages could drag on for
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